How to configure Thunderbird Yahoo mail settings in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

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This tutorial will explain how to configure Thunderbird Yahoo mail settings in Ubuntu 9.10.

Solution 1

First you need to download newest version of Webmail and the Yahoo Webmail Extension from here and save on your desktop

Now open your thunderbird go to Tools-> Addons->Installs and install .xpi files we have downloaded in the above step after installing restart thunderbird.

Once you open thunderbird go to File->New->Account

Check "Email account" and click next

Fill in Email address "[email protected]" and click next

Check "Pop" and make your incoming server click next

Incoming Username "[email protected]" and click next

Name your thunderbird folder whatever you want and click next..

Your account should have been go to Edit->Account Settings

Under your Yahoo email click "Server settings"

Make the Port 1025 and under security settings click "never" (you can fool around with this and see if you can get it to work under other security settings)....also make sure your Username reads "[email protected]"

Then click OK

Lastly go to Tools->Addons again and highlight Webmail and then click Preferences

Make the port in here 1025 as well and then click ok. finally restart thunderbird again.

That's it now try downloading your mails

Solution 2

This seems to be the simple solution

Just go into yahoo mail options and set the preferred content setting to Asia--then you have POP3 enabled for free; currently getting all Yahoo mail in my gmail directly

Check this for detailed instructions from here

Credit goes here

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8 Responses

  1. Asim says:

    Solution 1 worked like a charm. Thanks

  2. Moh says:

    Any idea how to set it up in Evolution ?

  3. awww says:

    aww…very nice.

    @Moh: who still uses Evolution these days? =\

  4. ATOzTOA says:

    I got this error!!!

    “Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: negative vibes from [email protected]

  5. Moh says:

    I followed solution 2 and now i am forwarding to my gmail 🙂 great stuff!

    @awww: i just switched from Thunderbird to Evolution! which i found easier to use and got all the extensions (plug-ins/addons) that i need while in thunderbird it took some time to fine tune it to meet my needs…evolution everything worked for me out of the box

  6. grizzlysmit says:

    I got the smtp feature working too, ok in Tools->Add-ons selet the preferences for smtp set the port to be something else I chose the next along 1026 then click the green + icon to start it (saves a restart) make sure “Enable on startup” is checked. (You can also optionally check “Show server status in status bar” to get a handy reminder of status.) Then make smtp accout as follows in Edit->Account Settings … go to the left pane scroll down to “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” select this and then select the Add button on the far right, in Decription give it a name i.e. “yahoo smtp”, then set “Server Name:” to then set port to 1026 set username to your user name i.e. [email protected] or [email protected] set “Use secure conection” to No, (I haven’t tried the other options yet) click OK and you should be good to go, then pick your pop or imap account that u want to use this smtp server and go to select the top of the accounts tree in the left pane and then go down the page that comes up to “Outgoing Server (SMTP):” and select your new account in the dropdown and there you go. I’ve tried it with yahoo and hotmail and it works fine.

  7. cognac says:

    Please HELP!

    I’ve tried solution 1, step by step, as detailed above. I could not reach my account, while I launch Thunderbird:
    An error had occurred with the POP3 mail sever. Mail sever responded: [blank]

    What did I wrong?

  8. Jalabhai says:


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