How to connect Motorola V3X to ubuntu 7.04 trough USB

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In this tutorial we will learn how connect your Motorola V3X to ubuntu 7.04 trough USB

First of all, we will download the moto4lin utility from the repositories.

sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude install moto4lin

Once installed, we need to change the configuration file of moto4lin.

cd $HOME/.qt

gedit moto4linrc

We change the old values to this ones. The most important values are, the device, product and vendor values. Those values are for the motorola V3X. Other motorola have different values. I'm sure you may look in web for those values or you may get them inside the moto4lin using inside preferences the update list button. You can activate the auto connect option too.



Now we are going to make a little script in our home directory to load the module and launch moto4lin.

moto4lin you need access from root login to work, so we make a sudo launch.

cd $HOME

gedit motorola

This will be the script:

sudo modprobe cdc_acm

sudo moto4lin

now we only need to allow execution for the script with chmod and we have our script.

chmod 700 motorola


If all has gone right we will be able to connect our Motorola V3X by USB.

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  1. taurus5 says:

    Will this guide work with a motorola v3i?

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