How to fix Network Manager Disabled problem in ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

If your network manager is not working, and says unmanaged, or Networking disabled in ubuntu 10.04 try this fix
Open the terminal from Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal run the following commands

service network-manager stop

rm /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state

service network-manager start

Then reboot your system.

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54 thoughts on “How to fix Network Manager Disabled problem in ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

  1. I hope this issue will be fixed soon in more professional way. This proposal is ridiculous.

  2. Using suspend-to-RAM in Kubuntu 10.04, my computer has frozen twice upon trying to turn my computer back on. After I reboot I get the same message from network-manager. nm-tool reports my network card (wifi) is still sleeping. I have fixed this by doing a suspend-to-disk and bringing the computer back on, which might be less scary for those who isn’t too comfortable with the command-line… assuming suspend is to blame for your network-manager problems of course.

    Personally, thank you for the tip!

  3. THANK YOU!!!
    After having tweaked my Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS to the way I like it,and have had no problems with it now for several months…”Curious George” decided to “try” the SUSPEND button!
    DON’T DO IT!
    After this I was not able to connect to my wired DSL connection no matter what..Until I found your solution!

    Excellent! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi:

    When I set up dialup for 9.04 I had to uninstall Network Manager to get dialup to work.

    Is it different in 10?

  5. um…after i suspend to disk i can’t “bring the computer back on”, unless I do a hard cycle.

    And then after i do that, I still have the network disabled problem. nightmare.

  6. if I suspend to disk I can’t come back from the suspended set unless I reboot with a hard shut down. And the system is running extremely hot and slow!
    system is a Toshiba satellite a105-s2091 with 1Gb. of ram

  7. Hey guys,

    I’m relatively new to this as I haven’t done much with Terminal. I copied and pasted the command s and got this after the first line:

    stop: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type=”method_call”, and some other stuff (Not sure if it’s safe to post some of the info).

    Then it asks me rm: remove write-protected regular file ‘/var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state’?

    Am I missing something or should I try ‘y’ and ‘enter’?


  8. So far so good, until I hit tried to start network-manager again. It doesn’t recognize it all of a sudden?

    Carlos: RM = remove. It didn’t ask me though. Be sure to use sudo.

  9. Amanda: Thanks a lot! I put sudo before each line and it worked. I was never asked when I did that, so I assume it was because I didn’t use “sudo” before the 2nd line, I believe.

  10. From a terminal:
    sudo dolphin (or sudo nautilus)
    Navigate to:
    Open NetworkManager.state with kate or other editor.




    Save and reboot.

  11. Solved the problem by doing as “Ithinkasafermethod”. Thanks a lot! You guys are great for a linux newbie like myself. πŸ™‚

  12. Simple, but works. Thanks!

    And now, the longer version:
    It’s not the first time I’m faced to this problem, but whether I forget the solution (my memory’s sometimes like a fish one’s πŸ˜‰ ), or it seems to happen randomly (yeah, I know it isn’t), or it finally seems to self repair (again: yeah, I know it isn’t), or… So, even if I can say I’m not a newbee with GNU/Linux and FOSS, I’m rather stuck each time it happens, trying to remember what I did to correct the problem the last time. Add the Mrs behind (like Ken’s ear ache from his Mrs πŸ˜‰ , even if I’d like mine to help resolve those kinds of problems), the will to understand / urgently repair / not just simple do a “sudo dhclient eth0″… and you’ll understand I thank you again for this solution!

  13. This is BS. None of these ridiculous “solutions” worked for me. How does anyone think that normal people will switch from Windows to Ubuntu if you have to be a computer specialist with hours of free time on your hands to do anything? Why is it that nobody mentioned, until pretty far down in the “comments” that you have to write “sudo” before each line in the terminal (which I did but didn’t work anyway)?? I have used “terminal” and written “sudo” just about a billion times, without any idea or interest in wtf “sudo” means, so I didn’t automatically “know” to do it. All I want is a moral and free alternative to Windows, but Ubuntu is a lost cause if the entire Ubuntu community is content with spending hours at a time writing in commands about koalas and dolphins while they smell their own farts.

  14. Well, Lewis DOES have a point, at least on the surface. But I just spent like 4 hours in Windows7 to finally get SP1 to install on a customer’s laptop.
    I unfortunately don’t get paid more for the extra time since I made a deal for the cost before. (note to self: Time and materials)
    And how do you like an official answer from the PAID manufacturer of the OS that has as it’s key points: “Uninstall antivirus and disable firewall” to get their service pack to install?
    I do NOT!
    So maybe we can remember to say sudo at times and/or post a prerequisite to read before reding here?
    Just my penny’s worth of thoughts…,

    Thanks, looks like a suspend or the settings put in by VirtualBox changed things for me and the edit to true seems good.
    Thanks loads.
    I don’t want my money back.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your good work has rescued me. Editing the NetworkManager.state file resumed my networking and preserved my sanity.

  16. This recommendation worked. My VirtualBox kubuntu guest OS did not work properly.

  17. I tried the sudo, gave me errors on user id being 1000 instead of o, and when i go direct to NetworkManager in kate, write permission is denied;

  18. This is really a horrible problem in my Ubuntu 10.10!
    The solution is to enter this with sudo

    sudo service network-manager stop
    sudo rm /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state
    sudo service network-manager start

    And it works really fine!
    But I get very pissed of, doing this every time,. Especially when my wife use the Laptop for working, she always needs to do this too. But she is not an computer expert and it’s hard to explain this to a regular user..

    Is there a way to make it automatic, every time the computer starts?

  19. Yeah, right. I think that “Then reboot your system” would make it work regardless. The big question is how to bring them back to life without close my computer and lose concentration in what I’m doing. It is like wireless network adapter does not bother to wake from Suspension/Hibernation… sounds like an Argentine nap

  20. I’ve tried all the above steps but then also wenever i’m trying to configure my dsl connection the error message ‘ sorry, i scanned the interface, but Acess Concentrator of your providor did not respond. Please check your network and modem cables. Another reason for this problem may also be another pppoe process which controls the modem.’
    pls help
    thanx in advance

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