How to get iOS 4 (iPhone OS) to sync with rhythmbox in ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

Well with the release of iOS 4, many Ubuntu users are complaining of incompatibility with between rhythmbox and the new update. Here is a simple way to fix that:
1. Open up synaptic

2. Go to the Repositories (Under Settings)

3. Add this source:



4. Click Close and then click the Reload button at the top left

5. After it is done reloading search for:


6. It will give you two results, install both.

7. Now after installing, close synaptic and open up the terminal and type in

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

8. After the upgrade Ubuntu 10.04 will have iOS 4 support

Source from here

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21 thoughts on “How to get iOS 4 (iPhone OS) to sync with rhythmbox in ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

  1. Does instruction will not work…
    Two lines must be added to the sources:
    deb lucid main
    deb-src lucid main
    Also, for some reason, searching for libimobiledevice1 may not return anything. just search for libimobiledevice (without the ‘1’) and select any entries related to 1.0.1 (The latest version.)

    Unselecting libimobiledevice0 is apparently unecessary as the update process would be automatic.


  2. Hey, this didn’t work with the iPhone 4 – has it been confirmed with the new hardware?

  3. Hey, this didn’t work with iPhone 4. Has it worked for anyone on the new hardware?

  4. didn t work for me ios 4.01 in rythmbox i get unknown device after that iphone is unmounted!

  5. Works OK for me – Acer Aspire One, Ubuntu NBR 10.4, iPhone 3G iOS 4.0.2.
    However video playback on a podcast caused Rhythmbox to die or force the phone to dismount, even though still visible to the system. Eject and remount and was Ok again.
    Payback of songs seems OK, but cant copy off the phone, and I haven’t tried syncing to the phone with this plugin. I might try it when i get my iPhone 4, and prep the old 3G for my wife 8)

  6. Songs transfer just fine (browse to the iTunes_Control folder via ssh or directly on the phone). The problem is the library doesn’t rebuild. Any solutions?

  7. right im about to pull my hair out over this. my iphone 4 (4.2.1) is jailbroken, i have been able to get ubuntu and rhythmbox to identify the iphone and i can look though the songs on there BUT!!!!! when i drag and drop or click sync entire library the bar at the bottom says syncing but when i go on my iphone it isnt there, how ever if i click on the icon on my destop and go into the iphone that way the music is on there??????? i must be doing something wrong PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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