How to install Banshee 2.4.0 in ubuntu using PPA

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Banshee is an open-source media player, called Sonance until 2005.Built upon Mono and Gtk#, it uses the GStreamer multimedia platform for encoding and decoding various media formats, including Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and FLAC. Banshee can play and import audio CDs and supports many portable media players, including Apple’s iPod, Android devices and Creative’s ZEN players.Other features include integration, album artwork fetching, smart playlists and podcast support. Banshee is released under the terms of the MIT License. Stable versions are available for many Linux distributions, as well as a beta preview for Mac OS X and an alpha preview for Windows.

What is new in 2.4.0

DVD playback support

Watch your DVDs with Banshee. You can navigate in the DVD's menus using the mouse or the keyboard.

More flexible browsing of your media

You can now display the genres and years in the browser, in addition to the artists and the albums, and use them to filter your music library. The artist filter can be hidden, or it can be set to only display album artists, instead of all artists in your library.

UPnP support

Browse and play music or videos shared over your local network via a UPnP device.

Other Enhancements

Several improvements to Muinshee, our alternative UI
Add separate options for writing ratings and play counts to files
Dap.MassStorage: Add support for the Archos Internet Tablet and the NEC LifeTouch Note
Dap.MassStorage: Don't sync ‘unknown album' metadata
Dap: Add support for DOS folder separator in playlists
Update values for the Smiley Face equalizer preset
MusicBrainz: Enable FreeBSD support
Set the PulseAudio media.role property
StreamPositionLabel: Fix label when loading
Preferences: Change wording of Metadata settings
Add a Composer filter in the SearchEntry filter menu
Lastfm: Use one single directory for caching
Dap.MassStorage: metadata resync in manual mode.
AudiobookLibrarySource: Accept tracks dragged from playlists
Dap.MassStorage: Add and use specific icons for Xperia phones
Emusic.Store: Remove unneeded refresh
Mpris: Add xesam:userRating field in track metadata.

Notable Bug Fixes since 2.2.0

UbuntuOneMusicStore: Ensure u1ms URIs passed at startup get loaded
Daap: Fix crash while resolving the address of a DAAP service
DatabaseImportManager: Support importing .mka files
Notify playlists on rating change through d-bus or command line
Mpris: Change trackid type from string to DBus object path
Mpris: Fix OpenUri method to also support http URIs
Gio: Fix encoding of URIs in Directory class and fix values in database
LibraryWatcher: Catch and log exception when processing changes
bgo#548366: Allow primary sources to marked as temporary
bgo#628518: build: Add a --disable-webkit flag to configure
bgo#638130: Fix importing of rating and play count when updating track
bgo#644145: Fix FileLocation queries for the StartsWith operator
bgo#644270: Fix crash on Windows if the log file can't be opened
bgo#647898: Try to fetch coverart without an internet connection
bgo#648522: Fix race condition when starting multiple instances.
bgo#649277: NotificationArea: Only use supported tags in the message
bgo#651743: YouTubeTile: Fix construction of the playback URI
bgo#656439: Audiobook: Add a button to go back to the list of audiobooks
bgo#656533: Notification: Fix application name used in internal notify#
bgo#658803: Prune CoverArtDownloads table when removing tracks
bgo#659146: Daap: Always send revision-number in update requests
bgo#659841: GnomeBackend: Be more robust against GConf failures
bgo#661322: PlaybackShuffleActions: Fix crash when setting shuffle mode
bgo#661467: AmazonMp3: Handle plain text AMZ files now sent by Amazon
bgo#662122: AudioscrobblerConnection: Fix crash during scrobbling
bgo#662883: Fix activation of UbuntuOneMusicStore source on startup
bgo#662906: AudiobookLibrarySource: Fix crash when adding tracks
bgo#663318: GConfProxy: Don't use a proxy if the proxy host is empty
bgo#664079: Skip empty files when importing and show error
bgo#664381: Dap.MassStorage: Rename Xperia X12 to Xperia arc
bgo#666981: LibraryWatcher: avoid importing incomplete files
bgo#667355: SourceWatcher: Fix SQL error caused by incorrect escaping.
bgo#667478: Fix build with libmtp 1.1.
bgo#668417: Fix MusicBrainz dllmap for cross-architecture support
bgo#671536: WebBrowser: Implement SSL certificate validation

Install Banshee 2.4.0 in ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:banshee-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install banshee


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