How to install Crossover(Run windows applications on Ubuntu) full version in ubuntu 12.10

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CrossOver allows you to run your favorite Windows applications and games on an Intel Macintosh. Unlike similar products which run the Windows operating system on a virtual machine, CrossOver bridges directly between Windows software and OS X, allowing applications to run at full speed on your Macintosh desktop.

CrossOver is tested for performance with many common productivity applications such as Microsoft Word and Outlook, and also with many games, such as Half-Life 2. It also works well with a wide variety of other programs.

CrossOver is easy to install, and requires a small footprint on the system. Its minimum requirements are as follows:

An Intel Macintosh (CrossOver does not work on PowerPC systems)

Mac OS X 10.5.0 or higher

200MB of available disk space

Install Crossover in ubuntu 12.10

Preparing your system

First you need to install following packages from your command terminal

sudo apt-get install libglade2-0 python-glade2

If you have any issues please try the following comamnd in your terminal

sudo apt-get -f install

Now you need to download crossover from here (Only 31st oct 2012 free full version)

Once you have deb package you can install by double clicking on it or run the following command from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i crossover_11.3.1-1_i386.deb

Once you have installed the application you can check what options available from dash board by typing crossover


Documentation and Application List

You can check the documentation how to install windows applications from here and you can check the list of application you can install from here

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