How to Install Ubuntu 12.10 or Upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) from Ubuntu 12.04

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How to Install Ubuntu 12.10 :-

Get an Ubuntu 12.10 installation DVD or CD from official website. You will get 32 bit (recommended) or 64 bit version.

Insert the Ubuntu 12.10 DVD into your system DVD drive

your system BIOS (boot order) is set to boot from CD/DVD. Before a hard drive

Restart your computer. If you do not see the Ubuntu logo.

Choose the Try Ubuntu option in order to cheek that your system keyboard, Internet, screen etc., is correctly recognized by Ubuntu.

After checking all click the “Install Ubuntu” button

you will see Installation wizard.

First you have to select language:- select your desired language and press continue button.

Now you will see preparing to install Ubuntu box and select the desired option and press continue button.

Now you will get:- installation type in this you will see three options

first option is “Install Ubuntu alongside them” (if you want to install Ubuntu and windows (Dual Booting) in one system select this first option and Install.

The Second option is “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” if you want to install only Ubuntu operating system in your system you will select this second option, disk partition don by automatically.

WARNING:- this option erase all data and systems that are currently on the disk.

Third option is “some thing else”

If you want to manually setup your partitioning scheme., select the some thig else option.

Chose one option in this box and press continue button

you will see “Where are You?” box:- select the location close to your location, click continue button

Now you will see Key board layout box:- select the correct key board layout click continue button.

Now you will see who are you? Box :- in this box you have to enter your name and password etc., and press continue button.

When the installation wizard finishes, the Installation complete window appears click Restart now to restart your system. Ubuntu 12.10 is now installed on your system.

How to Upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 12.10 :-

First open command prompt run this command “ update-manager -d “ and press enter button.

Now you will see “Update Manager Box”. In that click setting button.

Now you see a new box called “ Software Sources” in that you go to updates button. In that you will see four option first, second and forth option you have to select and leave third one.

And now you put “Dily “ option on automatically check for updates.

Put “Display immediately” option on when there are security updates.

Display weekly option.

When there are other updates. In “notify me of a new Ubuntu version” you have to put “for any new version” option and close it.

Finally, click ‘Upgrade’ to begin the upgrade. Before you upgrade, please make sure to install all pending updates. Click ‘Install Updates’ button first and install all updates before upgrading.

That all Your system now upgrade to 12.10.

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System/Network Administrator
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