How to install unity in ubuntu 10.04/10.10

Unity and it’s range of technologies brings simplicity, power, and integration to both users and application developers. Unity puts design, integration, and Free Software at the heart of delivering a powerful and attractive experience.

Install unity in ubuntu 10.04/10.10

Open the terminal and run one of the following command

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-netbook


sudo apt-get install unity

after logging out you will be able to choose Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Apart from this you can expect unity in Ubuntu 11.04 alpha1

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21 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    How about a guide on how to remove Unity whilst still having Ubuntu netbook in 10.10?

  2. Wim says:

    It looks horrible!
    There’s still an awfull lot of work to be done here, i can’t even delete a file, Gnome shell works better at this moment and i find it alot more intuitive (my opinion)

  3. Eric says:

    I agree with Mark. I want to know how to remove the current unity on ubuntu netbook. I am approaching the point of reverting back to 10.04. The new unity fails the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) badly. If this is where ubuntu is headed I will not be continuing to travel with them.

  4. Alejandro Moreno says:

    I wanted to install it to a 10.10 Desktop VM, for testing. And it complained. Something about Unity not finding a suitable driver. It then promptly kicked me out of my login session.

  5. Richard says:

    I tried it from the Ubuntu Software Centre in 10.10

  6. Kyle says:

    I found unity slow/unresponsive, and occasionally buggy on my Netbook (MSI Wind). The UI was good, but due to the sidebar giving less horizontal space not all websites fit on the screen without scroll bars.

    Unity is a good idea, but certainly has a long way to go before it’s ready for the masses.

  7. Sqibby says:

    Kyle, just press F11 to let your browser (or anything else) use the whole screen. This is very useful for us netbook users.

    Unity does have its faults & plenty of little bugs but I like it. The file manager is useless – install Thunar instead and be done with it! It will be interesting to see how it Unity develops in the future and I do hope a full Gnome desktop is always an option.

  8. som says:

    i heard that it does not support auto-hiding it true?

  9. Mark says:

    Yes som, that is true and is one of the reasons why I don’t like it.

  10. david says:

    “No required driver detected for unity”

    That’s the error you’ll get, if you try it in VirtualBox. From the notes (of which even Mark Shuttleworth’s commented), it seems that unity’s built for a certain class of 3d acceleration chips, and nothing else. …so it appears to me that unity’s still just an experiment for atom netbooks.

  11. azurehi says:

    I, too, ask how to remove the ubuntu-netbook option now that I installed and had a chance to check out Unity. On my desktop, Unity takes up so much space and I much prefer Gnome. I will be interested though in seeing Unity in 11.04 and also knowing that I Can use Gnome instead, if I wish.

  12. Michae says:

    How do you get back???????

  13. Oliver says:

    Can’t Canonical just go with KDE. Sure it’s heavy, but with a bit of work they should be able to lighten it. Much better than anything else.

  14. manny says:


    thats a pretty big decision

    ubuntu has always been a gnome/gtk distro, much before kde4

    sure the new kde is awesome, but they cant change sides every time one of available desktop UIs is improved.

    still i would love for them to take advantage of QT more and give kubuntu some more luv.

    Anyway am sure the next versions of unity will be great.

  15. manny says:


    choose another option on the login screen

  16. RavanH says:

    `sudo apt-get install unity` does not find the package… it’s not in any 10.04 repository ?

  17. Dorian Grey says:

    Hey i wonder if there is a way to completely remove unity, its horrible app! i will swich back to GNOME there is no compare!
    Don’t even test it coz ya ll hate it!


  18. Mark says:

    I’ve switched my Netbook over to Kubuntu 10.10 and both the netbook plasma and desktop work quite well on it.

  19. karl says:

    Heh, I actually liked it. Going to stick with it for a week so I can test it out more though.
    If I could have everything arranged vertically it would be even better. 16-9 screens are getting really common, so using horizontal space on desktops instead of wasting vertical pixels makes sense.
    The global menu seems like an unnecessary change to me, plus, it does not work with FF 4b7 yet. Also, the file browser sucks, it is the only part of the interface that has actually bothered me so far. (well, that and losing Gnome Do)
    they have given themselves 4 more months to work on this, and they might just scrap it or keep it optional if it is not popular enough.

  20. pooya says:

    hi, i have a problem, when i put the text in the terminal, that show this messege to me : Couldn’t find package unity (please help me)

  21. anton7811 says:

    there is no unity in lucid repositories and never was! (ubuntu-netbook != unity)!!!
    Look here

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