How to lock package versions from Synaptic package manager

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If you want to keep a specific package at a specific version on your machine you can try this tutorial.This is very useful if you want to lock specific version of kernel,drivers,application versions
Go to System--->Administration--->Synaptic Package Manager


Enter your password and clik ok


Once it opens you should to similar to the following screen


Now you need to enter your package name in serach box in this example i am searching for midori


Now go to Package select Lock Version


Once it locked you should see lock icon next to your package


Now you need to click on reload after that should see similar to the following screen


That's it now you have successfullu locked midori package from upgrades.

Note:- Whenever you upgrade to next version of ubuntu you need to release those locked packages for this just use the same procedure as above and uncheck the packages.

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  1. zzz says:

    why i unable to open synaptic package manager?
    it was an error occurred.. dkpg interrupted and have to ran “dkpg –configure -a” as command line but still failure. what should i do?

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