How To Make Windows 7 look like Ubuntu

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If you want to make your windows 7 Machines look like ubuntu you need to follow this procedure

Start with the visual style, if you haven’t already patch uxtheme.dll, this will remove the limitations on your system, in order to install new themes. Then download the Human Visual Style

Follow the instructions given in the included .txt file to install the theme.

Now right click on your Desktop and click on Personalise. Select Human as the theme.

Now change the icons, first install Icontweaker,after that install Ubuntu Icontweaker theme

Next, change the wallpaper on your desktop, get the Ubuntu wallpaper Here or here .

To replace the icons for Windows Explorer, first install Styler toolbar (free),get the Ubuntu Human Theme for Styler.

Now get the famous ubuntu Cursor

Now, what everybody wants. The alternative to Beryl on Linux.GET IT HERE , and get that “3D CUBE” effect.

To change the boot screen download BootSkin (it’s free): Get it Here .
And download the Ubuntu Bootskin

To get Ubuntu Logon screen go here.

For Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, you can install the Ubuntu Theme, Dapper Retouched for Opera

Theme for WinRAR from here

Final Review

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33 Responses

  1. Amedee says:

    It seems like Icontweaker is not supported for Windows 7, at least not the version you provided.

  2. Amedee says:

    The same for Styler.
    Are you sure that this is a NEW article, not a copy of an article written for XP or Vista?
    Have you tried everything?

  3. Amedee says:

    The list goes on: “Bootskin is not compatible with Windows7”

  4. ElieM says:

    rofl the thing is I dont want windows 7 to look like ubuntu! I want ubuntu to look like windows 7! very polished, nice, transparent desktop with great colors and icons that doesnt look retro. I hope gnome 3 fixes the ubuntu look in 10.10, (but I read they wont include gnome 3 in 10.10) so I’m gonna stick with the windows 7 looks. Ubuntu beats windows in actual work and fonctionality but never in desktop looks.

  5. danarky says:

    This looks nice and all, but what about the brand new look of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx? I’ve really wanted Radiance or Ambiance rather than the old Human theme. Anyone got ideas for those themes?

  6. IntenT says:

    > If you want to make your windows 7 Machines look like ubuntu
    You’re kidding, right?

  7. Andy says:

    Are you kidding? I would run an Ubuntu on virtualbox if I need to work on it or even play with it.

  8. amgadelsaiegh says:

    make your windows 7 Machines look like ubuntu You’re kidding, right?
    windows 7 looks absolutely better

  9. mBobEpine says:

    I prefere install ubuntu.

  10. RawShark says:

    Em, why? If you want Ubuntu, install Ubuntu. Same goes for making Ubuntu look like Windows. If you like Windows so much, use it instead. and don’t give me that “best of both worlds” bs, just pick an OS and use it. This stuff reminds me of a guy in my class at college hacking his Unix box (then command line only) to accept DOS commands. I asked him the same question – WHY?

  11. Marcos says:

    Does this mean we could even have a pinkish-purple-screen-of-death?

  12. JohnP says:

    I can see where a few people might want to have Win7 look like Ubuntu on the surface, but underneath, it will still have the clunky Windows OS.

    If you want Ubuntu, then just run Ubuntu. Zero cost. Heck, you can run it in a VM or under WUBI or even just swap Ubuntu to be the Host OS and run whatever Windows-OS that you require in a VM. There are lots of options.

    The only real issue for a home user that wants to move Windows-whatever into a VM would be the Microsoft license cost. Some Microsoft licenses (home laptops) are tied to the hardware and don’t like to be installed under a VM. If you are at work and can’t touch the OS, get over it and get back to work. 😉

  13. danarky says:

    Some people need to run or dualboot windows because they need to run programs that only run on Windows but are too cpu-intensive to run in a VM. For instance, I am a musician that uses Cubase and Reason and other programs that simply can’t be run together in a Windows VM. For everything else I prefer Ubuntu. I would love for my Windows machine to look like Ubuntu 10.04 b/c I think it looks much better, even than Aero.

  14. jamesL says:

    I would much prefer to make *Ubuntu* look like Ubuntu. And make Windows7 look like something which I will never install on my computer. Hey, imagine this; that’s exactly what I’ve done.

  15. ElieM says:

    No. No way the current ubuntu look and theme is better than AERO. Ubuntu is absolutly better at everything but looks.

    Ubuntu now is better than ubuntu 9.10, but still Aero is much better in terms of look, u gotta admit that.

  16. Chris Bryant says:

    I want to know how to make Win7 *work* like Ubuntu. The infrequent times I boot my one Win machine in to 7, I get so frustrated trying to do anything I quickly give up.

  17. Martin says:

    There is maybe a very small percentage of people who use this. So tnx for the effort of writing this article.

    But I think it’s better if people just instal Ubuntu on their Windows 7 pc’s. It’s doesn’t take much disk space. And it’s much more secure to use. And with dual boot, people can always use Windows 7 where needed.

  18. Walrus says:

    Uh..not to start the KDE vs. Gnome war…but those who like the Win7 look, should try KDE4(.5 especially)

    I know, I was doubtful the first time I went to KDE. (seems like everyone starts with gnome…that’s (ubuntu) marketing for ya).

    Especially if you are “awaiting gnome 3”..personally I think KDE is a lot further ahead than gnome wrt aesthetics and shnazziness.

    Just burn a live CD of Kubuntu. seriously, it won’t hurt anything. If you don’t like it, no big deal, just throw out the cheap cd…

    At least you could say: “I tried KDE 4 (.5) and didn’t like it..”.

  19. Every Time I have to Use Win 7 I think it’s a pirated KDE. This Article makes me see that now, even a Gnome look could be pirated by Win 7. Following this logic, can you Imagine a Sluggish XFCE or AfterStep ?

  20. Anders says:

    Kick out that Windows 7- wormsucker and install Ubuntu to your computer. It’s time to say adios forever to these M$ crap.

  21. mcinsand says:

    If looks mattered more than functionality, this article would excite me more. When you can give W7 the solid hardware support, reliability, and configurability of Ubuntu, then *that* will be an achievement. Then, there are issues like Synaptic and the benefits of discretely separate kernal and desktop manager; can your W7 with an ubuntu coat of paint switch between GNOME and XFCE?


  22. Matt says:

    The ubuntu theme is not compatible with the latest version of Firefox (3.6.8).

  23. Amedee says:

    I don’t F-ing care how Windows looks. The only times that I boot it up is to play Starcraft or Spore or some other Windows-only game. So the sooner I can click those shortcuts, the better. The rest is just blingbling.

    Don’t tell me to run Ubuntu if I want something that looks like Ubuntu. Look me up on Launchpad, will ya? Check the date to know how long I’ve been using Ubuntu. Look me up on the mailing lists, and you’ll know that even my Ubuntu doesn’t look like Ubuntu. I don’t use Gnome or KDE or XFCE. I use Fluxbox. I like to break things. I void warranties.

    My initial comments on this subject was that the author didn’t TEST everything he wrote. It is just a copy-paste of a two year old article about Windows Vista!!!

  24. Amedee says:

    @RawShark: WHY? Because I can.

  25. Jerry says:

    Why? Because my company forces me (after 10 years working there) to use Winodows 7 instead of Ubuntu. Of course my Windows 7 will at least look like Ubuntu. And of course I will install Vmware Server to run Ubuntu in it.

    I don’t really need Windows and I don’t want Windows. Still it’s a new policy of my company to deliver notebooks with Windows 7 only.

    Idiots will never die.

  26. Steffen says:

    I use Ubuntu for absolutely everything, but at work I sometimes have to boot into Windows in order to use Microsoft Office Communicator’s video functionality, that doesn’t work with Ubuntu. I would much prefer then that Win7 looked like Ubuntu, as I’ve been using Ubuntu every day for 5 years, but never used Win7. So I’m more familiar with the setup. Ideally, I would prefer to simply have a script to do run through my whole Win7 setup and move task bars, start buttons, etc. to the “correct” place.

  27. linuxer suffering on windoze says:

    AVG anti virus alerted that the patch thing was/contained a malware. A file named something like “Win.Pasta.whatever”. It was detected as a trojan/backdoor.

    It’s a shame that it isn’t easier to install better themes on windows. It seems that all they mean by themes are usually desktop wallpapers and sounds, not window decorations, like linux. And windows “crude” decorations are too ugly, at the same time the aero decorations are a bit too unusual, no window names and such.

    I’d love openbox for windows, but even the box-like shell replacements for windows are a bit dead as far as I know…

    Better yet, a more powerful/reliable WINE.

    Better yet, big companies making versions of their software for linux, or at least better/more compatible open source alternatives.

  28. mihaimm says:

    There are a few comments up there that I would like to answer:

    1. Why make Win7 look like Ubuntu?
    Because when you worked with Gnome for the past 10 years you are used with things working in a certain way… and that’s not the way Win7 does it.

    2. Win7 looks so much better.
    It’s a matter of opinion. I personally prefer Ubuntu 10+ looks. Don’t care much about wasted space on the screen, especially since I got a 13″ notebook.

    3. Just use Ubuntu.
    How I’d love that… unfortunately, unlike some of you, I am not the master of my work environment. And, no matter how much I battle with management, they don’t seem to care about other OSes… I might have better success if I was going down the discrimination route… but I’m not ready for this just yet.

    4. Gnome vs KDE
    Give it a rest. Some like a behavior while other like another. This will never change. Have a go at GTK+ vs QT and why we can’t drop one in favor of the other if you want… that’s what’s bothering me.

  29. Ben says:

    Very good job on this tutorial. I am only doing 2 of the steps you listed, as I do not back up my Windows and don’t want anything bad to happen. I am getting the cursors and the skin. This is a nice article all-in-all. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  30. ukaers says:

    hey windows 7 does not supports icon tweaker

    and besides this is not good!

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