How To Make Windows look like Ubuntu

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If you want to make your windows XP,Vista Machines look like ubuntu you need to follow this procedure

Start with the visual style, if you haven’t already install Uxtheme Multipatcher, this will remove the limitations on your system, in order to install new themes. Then download the Human Visual Style

Go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and safe your download theme in there.

Now right click on your Desktop and click on Properties. Go to Appearance and select Human as the theme.

Now change the icons, first install Icontweaker,after that install Ubuntu Icontweaker theme

Next, change the wallpaper on your desktop, get the Ubuntu wallpaper Here or here .

To replace the icons for Windows Explorer, first install Styler toolbar (free),get the Ubuntu Human Theme for Styler.

Now get the famous ubuntu Cursor

Now, what everybody wants. The alternative to Beryl on Linux.GET IT HERE , and get that “3D CUBE” effect.

To change the boot screen download BootSkin (it’s free): Get it Here .
And download the Ubuntu Bootskin

To get Ubuntu Logon screen go here.

For Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, you can install the Ubuntu Theme, Dapper Retouched for Opera

Theme for WinRAR from here

Final Review

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Simply download this and install in your windows machine

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29 Responses

  1. A much simpler solution would be to install Ubuntu and use that instead.

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks for this. It’s fun for my windows box @ work. 🙂

  3. axel668 says:

    This is a real nice reply to the millions of “How to make your Linux Desktop look like Windows” threads ! Looking forward to the “How to install KDE on Windows” thread in a few months, so that I can finally have some decent UI on my office PC :))

  4. Andrew says:

    Why the hell would you want to waste you time doing this? Is there any functional purpose?

  5. Ed says:

    I could see using this to convert your family/friends to Ubuntu. First make all the changes in this article. Then, after your family is used to the computer this way, switch them over to Ubuntu without telling them. It’s like teaching a kid to ride a two-wheel bike: you let go of the bike when they aren’t looking, and they do just fine.

  6. Brett says:

    Agreed this is a great response on how to make your X look like Y. I say the best way to get something that looks like Y is to INSTALL Y!

  7. polarizer says:

    @Andrew: I fully agree. It’s a nice approach for step by step migration to ubuntu in company environments, too.

    the polarizer

  8. Red Oscar says:

    Thanks so much for your quick reply to my query. The tutorial works just great; except………….my Linux friends still think I’m lame. Do you think they know it’s not really Ubuntu? Or something else!


  9. paranoidandy says:

    Huh… Or just install Ubuntu, by deleting Windows. You would also get the benefit of havening a fully functional computer.

  10. ughbuntu says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Ubuntu out of box is the ugliest thing ever? The default themes, that horrible flesh color, the brown and orange color scheme are all repugnant to me. And I turn the eye-candy off because compiz is crash prone.

  11. SIYB says:

    Why would you wanna do that Oo? An operating system should be used because of its qualities and not its looks. As in RL, the inside is what matters, don’t be shallow :D. For eg: The sole purpose of Beryl is show off when confronting Windows or Mac users, that have the stereotypic believe that Linux DE are old fashioned and look like crap. The only feature that might actually enhance your productivity is the window grouping and tabbing feature, the rest is just damn annoying.

    Red Oscar: If your “Linux friends” are Ubuntu users, I wouldn’t worry too much about their opinion on other operating systems *duck*. The point is that there is always someone that will criticise you for your choice OS choice (like I just did in my last sentence). I know windows users that know a hell of a lot more about their operating system and their computers entrails for that matter, then some Linux users. What I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t use an operating system because it’s “teh l337 fash1zzl” but because it suits your needs and capabilities.

    I should also mention that this post is opinionated and subjective and might not reflect the opinion of others or the factual truth.

  12. yavir says:

    SIYB +1

    No need for holywars. It’s like Christianity and Islam. Different ways? Same things in deep. No matter which one you choose. You’ll die at last. No matter which OS you choose – it’s only the way to do your work.

  13. ph7 says:

    Thanks, nice guide!

    Why do I want to do that?
    I’m a developer and I have to use Windows in VirtualBox for testing purposes.
    I use VirtualBox in seamless mode and I’m happy that I have the Windows windows look just the same with the ones from gnome. That’s why.

  14. Ann says:

    Nice, Like to add for AWN -> Rocket Dock (Freeware has it) it is a nice OSX-esque dock for MSW (might be XP only – not sure don’t quote me on that) only problem is that MSW is horrible about windows management if it isn’t going to the panel.

    hey I just look at it like having the best of both worlds no matter which machine I am using I have the bits of shiny I like and find it entertaining,.. I am a girl … and I like my shiny!!! my dad (who is doesn’t even understand why someone needs a GUI… I’m serious) can’t understand that necessity. I’m a geek, and I love the principal of Linux, GNU, and GPL but I do have some machines that hardware-wise just don’t run as smooth on Linux as MSW, and until hardware and software companies recognize Linux as an actual real life OS not just some toy in the hands of a bunch of old time computer geeks MSW will still have a strangle hold on the OS market, so why not have fun if you need to use MSW and why not rip off anything new and creative that they do do into Linux (they do have some nice bits of shiny). If you don’t get why – fine maybe its just not for you. but I for one like my pretty things so :P.

  15. pornstAr says:

    Interesting indeed, I will try and see how much I can make it to work.

  16. Jeff F says:

    I can’t get the logon page to do anything with LogonStudio…any suggestions?

  17. Prasad says:

    Thank you it worked.

  18. Sonja says:

    Use this theme in Firefox:

    The one listed in this article hasn’t been updated for newer versions of FF.

  19. Safari says:

    WTF THE THEME DOESNT WORK WITH VISTA SP1.I TRIED TO LOAD IT USING TUNE UP says its not compatible.whats the there a new theme for vista.

  20. ale says:

    The link (window_to_ubuntu.rar) is corrupt.
    there is another?

  21. subditouno says:

    Simply wow.I’m always awesomed when commenting. 🙂

  22. kenny k says:

    this is retarded, just download ubuntu

  23. Adam H says:


    Way to open a can of worms. That’s a horrible analogy. Everything about them is different.

  24. ubu says:

    One of the reason I would like to have the interface from Ubuntu on my windows machine was because of its simplicity.

    I really liked how ubuntu has everything organized. I do however, think that Windows is a lot easier to use for me. I’ve been using Windows for years and I prefer windows at the moment. I would switch to Ubuntu but I keep having issues that take too much work.

  25. Tori Black says:

    Howdy, great, this is hot stuff, hope to see more.Greetings

  26. Sypran says:

    I agree with one comment before, this helped me get a friend to get used to ubuntu’s layout before I installed it. (I think of it as training wheels almost what an above comment said.) I remember my first ubuntu experience was confusing, I didnt know the terminology. or where to find anything.

    Well anyways Now Im used to Ubuntu on my hard drive slot number 2, and going back to windows (to use some programs I need to use for classes) was awkward.

  27. Kaelan says:

    How can i apply this without the patcher? I have one of the ‘digital education revolution’ laptops which i don’t have access rights to. It runs windows 7 enterprise and is very locked up. Is there a way to do this with standard user priveleges? Plz help

  28. Kryo969 says:

    @Jai “Venko” Harrison.
    See the thing is though is windows has largest compatabiltiy when hae ou ever seen a linux os with microsoft and beside using Wine (which is very buggy) it is th eonly way to have the look of Ubuntu with the functionality of Windows

  29. Jake Skully says:

    For those that say, “JUST INSTALL UBUNTU”, well there is reasons why that is stupid to do.. I love the OS dearly, but it’s as useful as the MacOS.. I love being compatible to 90+% of the world. I love my games too and DirectX10/11.. I use Windows 7 64bit Ultimate edition.. NEVER ONCE had an issue, hell, I never had an issue with ANY Microsoft OS, including ME or Vista! Stop blaming the OS for idiots behind the computer. Yes, I agree, ME had it’s issues, but honestly never experienced them! Vista I honestly don’t see what the hype was about.. I used the 64bit version but always had 8 or 16GB of memory so being “memory hungry” wasn’t an issue… Anyway, I think this is nice, the look of Ubuntu with the compatibility of Windows.. 2 thumbs up!

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