How to remove the old kernel versions from ubuntu using ubuntu tweak

If you want to remove old kernel versions from your ubuntu system easy way is using ubuntu tweak.

Install Ubunt tweak

Follow this guide to install ubuntu tweak

Once you have installed ubuntu tweak use the following procedure to remove old kernels

Step 1 -- Select "Package Cleaner" on the left and ""Clean Kernel" from the right panel.

Step 2 -- Press the "Unlock" button at the lower right, enter your password.

Step 3 -- Select from the displayed list the kernel images and headers you wish to remove. The kernel in use is not listed.

step 4 --  Press the "Cleanup" button at the lower right to remove the selected kernel images and headers.

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6 thoughts on “How to remove the old kernel versions from ubuntu using ubuntu tweak

  1. And after that: make a backup (restore point) with Ubuntu Tweak.

    Hint: save a former kernel on a test edition just in case.

  2. $ uname -r

    This will give you your current kernel version. e.g. 2.6.32-25-generic

    $ sudo apt-get remove –purge 2.6.32-24-*

    This will remove the previous version from your machine.

  3. open synaptic,search 2.6.32-24(as 25 the present kernel),unmark it.and you are ready to need for another app.
    in case yo want to know the present kernel,follow erythro’s first step

  4. Is there any difference between this and APTonCD . some times i find APTonCD not working !!

  5. Hi! In Ultimate Edition v. 2.7, this message appears into Ubuntu Tweak when I click on ‘Package Cleaner’: ‘This feature isn’t currently available in your distribution’. G’bye.

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