How to restore notifications Position in Ubuntu 9.10 as they did in Ubuntu 9.04

One of the changes Ubuntu 9.10 made from 9.04 was the placement of “asynchronous” farther down the right side of the screen.The problem a lot of users have with this is that it leaves a big space between the top of the screen and notifications.

Julien Lavergne created .deb packages (notify-osd) to fix this problem and this will restore ubuntu 9.04 behaviour

Download updated .deb packages (notify-osd)

For i386 users download from here

For amd64 users download from here

Install .deb package using the following command

sudo dpkg -i packagename

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18 thoughts on “How to restore notifications Position in Ubuntu 9.10 as they did in Ubuntu 9.04

  1. It’s actually useful to have it where it is in 9.10. It doesn’t get in the way of the “close, minimize, resize” window buttons and leaves space for other notifications as dexae points out 🙂

  2. Thanks for the fix, the only things I don’t like in karmic is that flash doesn’t work and I always miss notifications as I’m used to them appearing at the top!

  3. @Tom Wright

    Yep, I gave NotifyOSD a try but it doesn’t give me any non-aesthetic benefit over the old system

    FYI I reverted by uninstalling NotifyOSD and installing notification-daemon

  4. I installed this impulsively without thinking of the consequences and would like to revert. How would I go about doing this in 9.10?

  5. Remove the package in synaptic, I cant remember what it was called but if you click origins then local/(somthing) then it should be there.

  6. Going to synaptic package manager and searching for notify-osd then ‘package > force version’ worked for me

  7. It isn’t cool if you are doing something and the notification blocks what you are doing – they are on there far too long, and mouseover makes them disappear so there is no way to dismiss them earlier if you need to.

    I probably wouldn’t mind if it was adjustable (they wouldn’t bother me at the bottom, or if they were only on for a second), or if I could click them to dismiss them.

    Like the rest of Karmic, they put early betas, don’t test them, dont’ let you adjust them (grub2, polkit-1, now notify-OSD).

    “I like it and it works for me” isn’t a reason.

  8. Thanks.

    I’m with you, I’ve been using Ubuntu since breezy and love it, but the gnome devs want powerspanking.

    Preferences “confuse” users, so we lost screensaver prefs, we get minimal prefs when they are present and now the notification gets moved and if you want to move it… tough.

    If preferences confuse users, wtf is that steaming pile of gnome-shell gonna do x_O

  9. I personally like it way more than the repo-version. This version has a better handle on multiple notifications, and whichever one was put up first, that’s the one that gets the top… Makes sense to me.

  10. The old 8.10 way was much better. Notifications at the top are bad because they interfere with window decoration icons and menus. The Ubuntu guys should stop copying OSX, which IMHO has a nice to see interface but a bad usability.

  11. Ubuntu-geek

    you are my hero, thanks for the excellent, simple tutorial

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