How to set default OS when Dual Booting with ubuntu 10.10

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When you install a dual-boot of Ubuntu, one of the frustrating things that you’ll immediately notice is that Ubuntu is now set as the default operating system in the Grub loader. There’s an easy way to switch back to using Windows as the default.

There are many way to change bootup options

This is one way to change bootup option

First you have to go system --> Administration and see for Startupmanager if it is not their

Now go to Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal and type

sudo apt-get install startupmanager

It will ask for your password give it now
It will ask Do you want to continue {y/n}?
Type “y” and press Enter
After installation is over close the terminal.

Now once agin you have to go system --> Administration ---> now you will see a new Startupmanager button, just press that startupmanager button it will open a window

Enter your password to perform administrative task “now you have to give your password and press enter now you will see startUp-Manager window
in that you will see Timeout Timeout in seconds: by default it is 10 second if you want, you have to increase the second10,20 etc.,

Default operating system: by default it is Ubuntu

if you want to change click the Tab and you will see five options that is

Ubuntu with Linux generic
Ubuntu with Linux generic(Recovery mode)
Memory test (memtest86+)
memory (memtest 86+, serial console 115200)
Microsoft windows xp professional (on/ext/sda1)

and now you go to Microsoft windows xp professional (on/ext/sda1) and click it

now it will change Ubuntu to windows

just press close tab

after closing that window

you have to restart your system just wait for 10 second and see now your system will boot windows xp by default

Do same thing and enjoy now

Allu John Sudhakar
System/Network Administrator
UCE,OU Osmania University
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7 Responses

  1. Sameer says:

    Great info 🙂

  2. Hopey says:

    Yeah, but what happens after a kernel upgrade? Will that still work.

  3. rezmez says:

    From my own experience after kernel upgrade, the default will be changed. You have to set it again.

  4. fdsvennso says:

    What! Of-course you should have Ubuntu as default!

  5. Snowman says:

    It is easy to solve the update issue, just go to the Grub Wiki page: in the Grub config, the system uses numbers for the default titles to start them and set it to the latest Ubuntu after each upgarde. If you change the DEFAULT=”name of your preferred title” instead of the current number, than the system will always start default as you wanted. The StartUp Manager is really simple way of doing things, but not so smart.

  6. John Ortiz says:

    hi! thanks for this information. Ultimate Edition has built-in startupmanager, and it’s easy to use. Recommended!

  7. Alan says:

    Okay, I followed the procedure above, but it doesn’t list a Windows option.
    I have Windows 7 on this system, perhaps that’s the problem?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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