How to Set WinAmp equalizer presets in Banshee 1.2

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The Winamp equalizers presets are the best equalizer settings I have found. The following guide will get the default WinAmp presets working under Banshee 1.2.

1. Download the equalizer presets using the following command


2. Install equalizer presets in Banshee 1.2 (Please note, this will write over existing presets)

gunzip -c equalizers.xml.gz > ~/.config/banshee-1/equalizers.xml

3. Start Banshee, Goto View -> Equalizer and choose what preset you want to use.

or use the following single command

Or this one-liner:

wget -O -- | gunzip -c -- > ~/.config/banshee-1/equalizers.xml

Source from here

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16 Responses

  1. senthil kumar says:

    Works Great. Thanks a lot.

  2. Tim says:


  3. Beyboo says:

    Great Tip Dude. I find the equalizers “THE” most compelling reason to move to Banshee. Why cant they have equalizer defaults shipped from the factory ?? 😉

  4. Mike says:

    I just discovered Banshee and am running it in Ubuntu. Wow! The only thing missing, as Beyboo observed above, was a lack of EQ presets bundled with the app. I hope the Banshee project maintainers resolve this somehow. However, I can confirm that these instructions work perfectly in Ubuntu 8.10 (the beta of which I am currently running).

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Ron says:

    Yes, this is very nice. There are still a few things missing from banshee however, such as gapless playback. It is not as refined yet as Amarok, but I have finally been compelled to switch over.

  6. Deepak says:

    Thanks dude ..Its just increased the usability

  7. CraIG says:

    Works great – thanks for making this usable.

  8. Ash says:

    Hi, Thanks for the great tip!

  9. Indie says:

    Alternative is to use:

    wget -O- | zcat > ~/.config/banshee-1/equalizers.xml

    note: it’s – ‘letter o’ -, not zero.

    but great tutorial for providing a link to default presets as otherwise it sounds crap.

  10. nitin says:

    hey..this just wrks fine..thnks

  11. jonny rocket says:

    does not work for 1.51

  12. farkast21 says:

    Great stuff! I use Hungarian ubuntu so i had to change all the periods to commas, otherwise it didnt work.

    gunzip -c equalizers.xml.gz | sed ‘s/\./,/g’ > ~/.config/banshee-1/equalizers.xml

  13. Eric says:

    Worked Great!
    Thanks man!

  14. Mark says:

    Great and fast to use instructions that work! Thanks

  15. Nick Booker says:

    Don’t forget to ensure Banshee is closed completely (no notification icon even) before you extract the new equalisers file, else it will be overwritten with the existing list when Banshee is closed.

  16. I use Banshee 1.80 and this dont work, i need the presets.

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