How to switch to Console mode from GUI mode in GNOME

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If you want to switch to Console mode from GUI mode in GNOME follow this simple steps

To switch to Console mode

Press ‘Ctrl + Alt + F1' (F2 -- F6)

To switch between consoles in Console mode

Press ‘Alt + F1' (F2 -- F6)

To switch back to GNOME GUI mode

Press ‘Alt + F7'

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27 Responses

  1. Mahendiran says:

    how can i change text mode to gui mode in ubuntu server 8.0.4.
    please tell me solution

  2. Mahendiran says:

    i have installed Ubuntu server 8.04.1 but i didn’t get GUI MODE. it
    was installed only text console mode. how can i get GUI MODE PLEASE HELP ME VERY URGENT.

  3. admin says:


    From the command line type the following command


    or sudo startx

  4. Mahendiran says:

    how can i install GUI in Ubuntu server 8.04.1 please help me

  5. admin says:

    use the following command

    sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop

  6. Mahendiran says:

    when i can enter startx command it says “apt-get install xinit”
    currently not installed startx

  7. Mahendiran says:

    couldn’t find ubuntu-desktop package

  8. Mahendiran says:

    when i am entering root # aptitude install ubuntu-desktop
    couldn’t find ubuntu-desktop-package

  9. admin says:

    first try to install

    apt-get install xini

    If you are getting couldn’t find package name and you need to check your internet connection is working on ubuntu server.

  10. Mahendiran says:

    I have internet connection but i cant get update. please tell me ubuntu server 8.04.1 desktop package website.

  11. Mahendiran says:

    Ubuntu server 8.04.1 how can i update text mode to GUI mode. there is any package available.

  12. Mahendiran says:

    Everything installed but i can reboot it is going properly boot GUI MODE BUT RESOLUTION PROBLEM . I can’t see GUI. what can i do

  13. linezfanatix says:

    I also had a similar issue. I followed these steps to get the server to boot in X mode
    username@ubuntu# sudo aptitude

    This is where things get a little uncomfortable if are new to ubuntu (like me). Take a feel of the console pressing “?” sign and then it should be cake walk. Basically in order to activate the Menu, press CTRL+t and to select a package to install press + and to unselect press – to expand or collapse use [ and ] . Once you have selected the packages you want to install activate the menu and press enter on Install option or simply press “g”. That will begin the download process, which is going to take some time in my case, will keep you guys posted on the progress.

    But I am somehow amazed the most famous linux distro has such not so user friendly installation, even though its a server, kind of does not make sense.

  14. Balaji says:

    How to install the GUI mode in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server edition? Please tell the Solution..
    Please mail the solutions..

  15. admin says:


    Follow the above procedure for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server edition it should work without any problem

  16. dinesh says:

    webmin installation in ubuntu server from gui mode

  17. Kalo Amos says:

    I am using ssh to connect from my local machine to another machine running Ubuntu 8.04 in GUI mode. Is there a command to change the remote machine GUI to text mode via ssh ?

  18. Software Engr.Qasir Riaz says:

    sir i use ubuntu-9.10-server. please tell me
    how we enter in ubuntu’s gui mode from console mode?
    when i start ubuntu on vmware workstation ,i get console mode.

  19. Richard says:

    I’m having a very similar issue with 10.10 desktop edition any suggestions?

  20. Richard says:

    it says there is a missing driver concerning nvidia

  21. Mohan Raj says:

    To switch to GNOME GUI mode press ‘Alt+F7’
    (Recommended : Packages should be installed.
    If not jst type ‘apt-get install xinit’.
    Requires internet connection.)
    To Switch to console mode press ‘ctrl+Alt+F1′(F2-F6)
    To switch between consoles in console modes press ‘Alt+F1’ (F2-F6)

    Regards – Mohan

  22. pierrot says:

    that’s helpfull – thank you very much

  23. Bright says:

    i use kubuntu 11.10 ho to change console mode from GUI. plz hlp sir

  24. ajay says:

    how to convert the ubuntu server into a remote host using virtual host or vmware?
    please ans>>>

  25. Sushil says:

    # ssh -X IP addr.

  26. rakesh says:

    How to switch over from cron daemon to GUI in suse linux.

    I am unable to get to GUI mode.

  27. atul kumar tiwari says:

    Hi… Sir I’m student of linux qualifi in the examnation of 2010 in the linux certefide plese help me my question is give the all linux use command basic and high lavel
    All command. Atul tiwari

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