How to Sync Google and Evolution Calendars in ubuntu

This tutorial will explain Two Way Synchronization Google Calendar and Evolution 2.26.1 using WebDAV/CalDAV.

Steps to follow

Important note:- Before you start, back up your Evolution settings to be safe.

1.Define a Google calendar at
2.Under settings, define your calendar as public
3.Start Evolution and go to Calendars
4.Click New > Calendar
5.Complete the Properties as follows:
6.Type: choose CalDAV
7.Name: your choice
8.URL: caldav://[email protected]/events
9.Check the box: Use SSL
10.Username: username
11.Set the refresh time as desired
12.Click OK
13.Click Edit > Preferences > Calendar Publishing
14.Click Add
15.Under General:
16.Select Publish as: iCal
17.Select Publishing Frequency: Manual (via Action Menu)
18.Under Sources:
19.Click on your CalDAV calendar
20.Click on Publishing Location
21.Under Service Type select: Secure WebDAV (HTTPS)
23.File: /calendar/dav/[email protected]/events
24.Under Optional Information:
25.Port: leave blank
26.Username: username
27.Password: password
28.Check the box Remember Password
29.Click OK
30.Click Close to return to Calendars-Evolution

Test it by entering a New Appointment

Click on Action > Publish Calendar Information

Go to your Google Calendar web page an hit the refresh button

The New Appointment should show within a few seconds

Via Ubuntu forums

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6 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Thats the way we did it last year. The current version has a “Google Calendar” option when creating a calendar. You enter username and password, it shows all available calendars, you choose, done. Two way sync works also.

  2. Federico says:

    Doesn’t work !!! 🙁

  3. Wiley says:

    Like Patrick says, in Lucid’s Evolution (2.28.3) you can do this in 6 simple steps and WITHOUT making your Google calendar public!

  4. Ray Meyer says:

    Following the above instructions or the current UBUNTU instructions or the current Evolution instructions only gets me one way sync (Evolution to Google Calendar to iPhone). Updates on Google Calendar or iPhone show up in each, but not in Evolution.

    Running Ubuntu 10.10,Evolution 2.30.3


  5. Melroy says:

    If it’s not working try to us:
    Under Service Type select: Secure WebDAV (HTTP) and NOT HTTPS 🙂

  6. scott says:

    works thanks

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