Howto Make Link to Filesystem on desktop or panel

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This tutorial will explain Howto Make Link to Filesystem on desktop or panel from command line and using GUI

Method 1

Use the following commands

cd ~/Desktop

sudo ln -sf / Filesystem

Method 2

Right click on your desktop, and click ‘Create Launcher...'

In the ‘Name' field, type whatever title you want. I used ‘Filesystem'.

In the ‘Command' field, type nautilus /

You can add a comment if you wish.

You can click on the icon to change it to any image on your computer.

If you want the icon to have the same functionality and resize-ability of other drive icons, follow the steps below:

Open ‘Text Editor' [also known as gedit]

Drag the icon into the window. You can also open the launcher file from within gedit.

gedit will now display the script that makes up the icon.

Where it says Icon=

Change it to Icon=harddrive

Then save the file.

You can drag the launcher to the panel, or create it in the panel.

This technique can be used to open any directory.

Simply change the / after the nautilus command to the directory of choice, such as /media

This will also work with other file browsers other than nautilus.

Thanks to our reader for this tip

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3 Responses

  1. tux says:

    No need to use sudo at all, after all you own your own home directory…

  2. Brian says:

    Nice tip, I did the sudo option and it happened in a split second (I’m new to Linux but am very impressed), so simple.

    However, on restart the shortcut disappears!

    Any ideas?



  3. dann says:

    WOW.. thank you so much. X)

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