HTTraQt – Easy-to-use offline browser utility based on httrack library

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HTTraQt is the clone from WinHTTrack, software for downloading of internet sites or/and content of their: multimedia files, documents, images, etc.

Possible to easy switch the language of GUI,
Easy to add the language files without to change the program code.
Selection of browser little bit changed: possible to select browser and system of "User agent".
Extended the selectiing of file extensions under "Rulez" settings.

This project was develloped for Linux/Unix/BSD, but it's possible to change the CMakeLists.txt for Windows and Mac OSX.

For compiling You need to install the Qt4, httrack, httrack-dev libraries from repository.

Install HTTraQt on Ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install httraqt





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