Install Beagle search tool in Ubuntu Edgy

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Beagle is a search tool that ransacks your personal information space to find whatever you're looking for. More technically, Beagle is a Linux desktop-independent service which transparently and unobtrusively indexes your data in real-time. For example

Files are immediately indexed when they are created, are re-indexed when they are modified, and are dropped from the index upon deletion.

E-mails are indexed upon arrival.

IM conversations are indexed as you chat, a line at a time.

Web pages are indexed as you view them (with a browser extension).

Install Beagle 0.2.16 in Ubuntu Edgy

Edit Sources.list. type the following command in Terminal

sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following source list

deb ./

save, and close the file.

Update your sources using the following command

sudo apt-get update

Install Beagle using the following command

sudo apt-get install beagle

Evolution Configuration

If you use Evolution install evolution-backend to index your evolution mail.

sudo apt-get install beagle-backend-evolution

Firefox Configuration

If you want the web pages you view in Firefox to be indexed. Download and install This extension in Firefox from here.

Install it by going to File > Open then select the XPI. The extension will be installed after you restart firefox

Once everything is installed your ready to run Beagle.


There should be Menu Items in Applications > Accessories or System > Preferences

You can see exactly what beagle is doing using the following command


or Indexing


There is also a log located


If you want to make it index at full throttle (note this will really increase beagles priority) using the following commands


Remove Beagle

Shutdown Beagle Using the following command


Remove Beagle (This will also remove the evolution-backend)

Sudo apt-get remove beagle

Remove the packages that beagle automatically installed.

sudo apt-get autoremove

If you installed the Firefox Extension to remove it..In Firefox goto Tools > Addons and click the uninstall button for the extension

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