Install d4x Download manager in Ubuntu

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Downloader for X is a powerful graphical download manager. It supports both HTTP(S) and FTP protocols and has nice graphical user interface, though some actions can also be performed using the command line.

Among others, its key features include proxy and SOCKS5 support, recursive downloading, wildcard matching, download
scheduler, multiple download queues and more.

Install d4x in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install d4x

This will complete the installation.If you want to open the application you need to Applications -> Internet ->Downloader for X

Once it open the application you should see the following screen

d4x version details

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20 thoughts on “Install d4x Download manager in Ubuntu

  1. Hello

    I got the url here

    so how can i install this on my Ubuntu 8.10 ?

    cud u pls give me the terminal window command pls,
    ( Now that downloaded file in my home directory. how can i install it from comand line?

    and how can i install it using this web address? )

    thasnk in advance

  2. Thank!
    D4X is better than wxdownload fast!
    First,i used wxdownload fast
    Now D4X is more better than wxdownload fast

  3. i still dont understand how to download d4x :s
    i’m afraid i dont have the above shown options…will someone pliz guide me???

  4. @amoudy, just copy sudo apt-get install d4x and paste it in a terminal and then do as the instructions says

  5. after writing this on terminal
    sudo apt-get install d4x

    i got the following error
    help me out

    Err intrepid/universe d4x-common
    Could not resolve ‘’
    Err intrepid/universe d4x
    Could not resolve ‘’
    Failed to fetch Could not resolve ‘’
    Failed to fetch Could not resolve ‘’

  6. I’m sorry, but how do i use this software.. I’m kind of stuck.. I try to download flash but I did not understand how to use it.

  7. Stupid tool just sits that “Request was sent, waiting for answer”. Yet, I invoke the same url with wget and the download starts right away. Lame…

  8. how can i install it.i gor following error. E: Unable to locate package d4x
    please how to install it???

  9. It is cool. Works fine ; I tried with authentication option as well with Oracle site. It is working as expected. Thanks.

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