Install inSSIDer 2 wifi scanner in ubuntu using .deb package

inSSIDer is FREE, open-source Wi-Fi scanning software. And yet you want to know more. Wow. you truly are our type of geek. Take a look at the features below to see what makes inSSIDer special.

What's Unique about inSSIDer?

* Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64-bit)
* Uses the Native Wi-Fi API and your current Wireless network card
* Sort results by Mac Address, SSID, Channel, RSSI and "Time Last Seen"
* Compatible with most GPS devices (NMEA v2.3 and higher)

How can inSSIDer help me?

* Inspect your WLAN and surrounding networks to troubleshoot competing access points
* Track the strength of received signal in dBm over time
* Filter access points in an easy-to-use format
* Highlight access points for areas with high Wi-Fi concentration
* Export Wi-Fi and GPS data to a KML file to view in Google Earth.
* Filter through hundreds of scanned access points

Install inSSIDer 2 in ubuntu

Download deb packages from here

Once you have deb packages you can install by double clicking on it or run the following command from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i inssider_0.1.0.0111_i386.deb

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9 Responses

  1. Joe of loath says:

    If it’s open source, why can’t I find sources?

  2. Joe of Loath says:

    Awesome, thanks!

  3. Pit says:

    I was unable to install, keep getting some dependency error. Wish I could of gotten application to install.

  4. Pit says:

    I believe problem I had was using ubuntu 10.04 vice 10.10. I found another install procedure for 10.04 at this site.

  5. candtalan says:

    @ Pit
    thanks for this, just what I needed!

  6. yakup says:

    Certainly not ready for prime time. I installed the pre-requisites listed at
    Installed OK but did not run. The first FAQ solution (run from terminal, go through messages) is not practical at all. I see pages of messages and don’t have time/knowledge to decipher them. And no, I’m not a noobie – I run approximately 30 servers, etc.

    This had lots of promise but is short on delivery.

  7. lostbody says:

    @yakup the pre-requisites listed there are for the but this is the
    I am having trouble with installing and running this too have been looking around for the last hour or so..I am running lubuntu 12.04-just put it on a very very old laptop in order to get it back in use.
    I tried installing both above versions-along with pre-requisites-but even though everything installs fine it doesn’t start-up…
    Any help would be greatly appreciated folks!


  8. cla-enjoy says:

    you can use now :

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