Install Nodoka (Fedora theme) on Ubuntu


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Nodoka is the new Fedora default theme for Gnome. It currently contains gtk engine, gtk theme, metacity theme and gnome meta theme .If you want to install nodoka theme in Ubuntu follow this procedure.

Preparing your System 

1. Install build-essential and libgtk2.0-dev packages:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev

2. Download Nodoka GTK+ engine 0.6 from here.

3. Extract tarball package:

tar zxvf gtk-nodoka-engine-

4. Now go to gtk-nodoka-engine-0.6 directory:

cd gtk-nodoka-engine-

5. Configure:

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-animation

6. Make:


7. Install:

sudo make install

Install theme

1. Get Nodoka theme 0.3.2 from here.

Then execute command in terminal:

tar zxvf nodoka-theme-gnome-0.3.90.tar.gz

2. Copy the Nodoka folder to themes folder:

cd nodoka-theme-gnome-0.3.90

sudo cp -r Nodoka/ /usr/share/themes/

Use theme

Click System -> Preferences -> Theme menu command. In Theme Preferences dialog, choose Nodoka item.


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5 Responses

  1. Jaymoon says:

    Here’s the .deb for i386:

    You’ll still need to follow the above instructions to install the theme, this is just the engine.

  2. Craig says:

    What is that app that displays all the system info on the desktop?

  3. cviorel says:

    I use conky to show me that stuff on the desktop.

  4. copper says:

    i am getting an error, as to the file or the dir not found.
    is there any specific place i have tosave the engine.. so that it can be tar ed

  5. Wolter says:

    Can’t you just download gtk2-engines-nodoka?

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