KontrolPack – Cross-platform network controller

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KontrolPack is a cross-platform network controller. KontrolPack provides a large list of network related features such as : remote shell command execution, file transfer, network overview, etc... The objective of this project is to improve system interoperability by connecting remote computers, regardless of their operating system, and remotely executing shell commands over the network.
For administrators :

You can manage your computers and execute the same shell commands on them regardless of the operating system. On top of this, it provides an easy interface that can be used to view your LAN activity and manage your network without difficulties.

Users who are using this software on any supported operating system will be able to perform administrative tasks remotely on multiple computers that run on different operating systems without any technical issues.

For example, from a machine running a GNU/Linux distribution you can send an order to a hundred computers running MS Windows telling them to restart or to defrag their root partition. You can also retrieve IP addresses and routing tables from a variety of computers in order to help manage a network. Sometimes single commands are not enough, and it is possible to execute batch files and scripts simultaneously throughout the network.

For developers :

KontrolPack can help web developers to automatically deploy or compile applications without scripts. If you commonly write programs using a terminal emulator and a text editor, KontrolPack can help you to improve your productivity. You can use the linked commands feature to create simple scripts for common tasks. For example : "make clean", "./configure", "make", "./yourapp" can be chained and run as a sequence on multiple computers whenever it is necessary.

The potential of KontrolPack knows no limit, and because the shell commands for each operating system are constantly evolving the capabilities are endless.

Install KontrolPack in Ubuntu

For Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) users

sudo apt-get install kontrolpack

For ubuntu jaunty users you can install from jaunty backports repository


For more information how to use KontrolPack check here

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  1. Abhishek S. says:

    Wow! How do I get that Windows Aero-look shown in the above screenshot in Linux (more specifically Ubuntu)?
    I had read that Canonical dropped the idea of working on a similar theme (GTK+ with RGBA) because of bugs/stability issues. However, I am not sure if users can still get it easily.

  2. abo says:

    Maybe compiz with emerald?

  3. M. Rad says:

    Great Theme!…I wonder if you could comment on how you managed your GTK theme or add a link to its how-to and specs.

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