LiVES – Mixes real-time video performance and non-linear editing

LiVES mixes realtime video performance and non-linear editing in one professional quality application. It will let you start editing and making video right away, without having to worry about formats, frame sizes, or framerates. It is a very flexible tool which is used by both professional VJ's and video editors -- mix and switch clips from the keyboard, use dozens of realtime effects, trim and edit your clips in the clip editor, and bring them together using the multitrack timeline. You can even record your performance in real time, and then edit it further or render it straight away.

For the more technically minded, the application is frame and sample accurate, and it can be controlled remotely or scripted for use as a video server. And it supports all of the latest free standards.

You can check lives features from here

Install Lives in ubuntu Karmic,Jaunty

1.first you need to download getdeb package from here and install  the getdeb package.

2.Or configure the repository manually:

Go to System-Administration-Software Sources, Third-Party Software tab, Add:

deb karmic-getdeb apps

Add the repository GPG key, open a terminal window and type:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add --

3.Click the "Install this now" button below the screenshot of the desired application.


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4 Responses

  1. digi says:

    Does it use jpeg/png’s as intermediates?

  2. salsaman says:

    @digi, yes it does for pre-recorded video clips. LiVES has two modes of importing video clips – if there is a decoder plugin for that file type, it will read from the original file, and write to jpeg or png (depending on user choice and the sytem’s capabilities). Right now there are only decoders for dv and ogg/theora, though more are planned.

    For clips where LiVES has no decoder plugin, it will fall back to ffmpeg, and decode all frames to images when the file is loaded.

    — Salsaman.

  3. salsaman says:

    BTW, LiVES 1.2.0 was released yesterday (21 Feb). The new version should be on shortly !

  4. qwerty says:

    Lives is available in Ubuntu’s repositories (in Karmic and newer).

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