Mailing photos from Picasa 3 in Thunderbird 3

Currently if you want to mail photos from Picasa 3 in Thunderbird 3 fails due to this bug .

Workaround for this problem

Open terminal and run the following commands

$ cd /usr/bin

$gksudo gedit

Copy and paste the script below into the editor, and edit (if neccessary) the "PATH_TO_TBIRD=" line to the command that normally launches Thunderbird. (If you have a desktop launcher for Thunderbird then open it with kwrite and look at the "exec=" line.)

# Edit the next line
emailstr=$(echo "$1″|sed ‘s/mailto:?/to=,/'|\
sed ‘s/&cc=/,cc=/'|sed ‘s/&bcc=/,bcc=/'|sed "s/&body=/,body=\'/"|\
sed "s/&attach=/\',attachment=\'file:\/\//"|sed ‘s/&attach=/,file:\/\//g')"‘"
$PATH_TO_TBIRD -compose "$emailstr"
#End of

Save and exit the file

Or You can download this script from here

Now you need to change the permissions to the script

$chmod 755 /usr/bin/

Now you need to close your thunderbird and open it again you should be able to mail photos from Picasa 3 in Thunderbird 3

Thanks to Josh Stump for this tip

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14 Responses

  1. Frank Henderson says:

    I haven’t had this problem…yet.

  2. George says:

    I created the script and have it working, but shouldn’t the picture I want to send be already attached in the e-mail?

  3. Mike says:

    Well, this did allow a compose message window to open, but it didn’t attach the pic. Thoughts?

  4. Ignacio Garcia says:

    It does not work at all… πŸ™

  5. hangman says:

    Seems doesn’t work in Picasa 3.6

  6. Onyx says:

    Works on Picasa 3.8 running on Mint 9. Thanks!

  7. hawk says:

    Neither this nor any other alleged Picasa and Thunderbird solutions have worked for me.

  8. hawk says:

    I apologize for the previous comment! This script works perfectly with Tbird and Picasa 3.0.0; My mistake was to use the command in the Tbird launcher (thunderbird $u) instead of the simple “thunderbird” in the first line. Thanks!

  9. eelco says:

    Can someone copy the working scriptfile and post it here. I canΒ΄t seem to get it working, using Picasa 3.8 and Mint 9,

  10. eelco says:

    OK one step further, Thunderbird opens, but there is no attachment no. Any clues?

  11. Barry Jackson says:

    I wrote this script back in 2010 for use in Mandriva with Picasa 3.00 (Build 57.4402,0) and the early versions of Thunderbird 3

    Here is the original article:-

    It would have been good to see some credit here πŸ™

    The instructions posted here are not very clear, and possibly explain some of the problems.

    1. The script must be saved to /usr/bin
    2. It must be made executable
    3. The PATH_TO_TBIRD= must hold the command that runs Thunderbird.

    I just tested it again in Mageia 2 with Thunderbird Daily build and my original Picasa version and it works perfectly.

    I have not tested with any later versions of Picasa as the one I have does all I need πŸ˜‰

    I hope that helps,


  12. bordecabana says:

    Now second month of trying to solve this. Have put exact script into and copied file to /usr/bin, /opt/google and all folders containing picasa. Have also tried changing “PATH_TO_TBIRD” to “thunderbird %u”, etc. Am using Mint 14 on Acer laptop – funny thing is I beat it last year on PC running Ubuntu, but can’t remember how!

  13. vb says:

    Watch out for bad single quotes when copy/pasting that script…a number of them are incorrect…fix that and the script should work fine.

  14. LukePerp says:

    Where to put this script in Ubuntu 16.04 ? Currently, this workaround don’t work with Picasa 3.9 and Thunderbird 52 on Ubuntu 16.04. Please provide explanation πŸ™‚

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