Memory Restart Firefox Add-on

Memory Restart is an open-source Firefox add-on that allows you to quickly restart Firefox if memory usage is too high. Firefox users can see the memory usage in the add-on bar or the toolbar tool-tip. If memory usage reaches a certain threshold, the add-on bar display and the toolbar icon will turn red. You can quickly restart Firefox at any time by clicking on the add-on bar display or the toolbar icon.

The memory threshold and add-on bar text colors are customizable. There is also an auto restart feature.

Download Memory Restart Firefox Add-on

You can download Memory Restart Firefox Add-on from here

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3 thoughts on “Memory Restart Firefox Add-on

  1. I tried this extension in Ubuntu and found that Firefox consumed far more memory after the extension was installed. So I tried it using Windows 7 with the same result. It is now well and truly uninstalled.

  2. You should try Firefox 7. The memory management has been much improved and you see memory usage drop when you close a tab.

  3. I can confer with Ferdinand.
    I have always had problems with Firefox streaming my 20 cameras through Zoneminder from my server. Invariably the whole machine would lock up within 2-3 minutes because Firefox was using up 90%+ of my 4gb RAM. I have just installed Firefox 7.0a2 and I have been streaming the cameras now for about 20 mins and Firefox is only using up 240mb. If this is any indication of where they are heading, then I think they have cured one of Firefox’s largest issues – memory hogging.

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