nautilus-wallpaper – Add a “set as wallpaper” entry in context menu

nautilus-wallpaper is a Nautilus extension that adds the ability to set your desktop wallpaper from the context menu.

Install nautilus-wallpaper in ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install nautilus-wallpaper

Now you can right click and select your favourite one as wallpaper

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4 thoughts on “nautilus-wallpaper – Add a “set as wallpaper” entry in context menu

  1. What about Xubuntu users?!? Is there a similar command for Thunar? Theoretically should work for PCMan File Manager under LXDE (XFCE is sooo yesterday…)

  2. I like unity, but

    I mis the option to right-click on a folder (in nautilus) and search it for files…. Do you guys know how to get that? Would be grand!


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