New Look for Ubuntu Network Installs

In our LoCo team (Ubuntu Massachusetts LoCo) we’ve been configuring a lovely tftp/pxe boot installer system that allows refurbished computers to be installed ridiculously easily via PXE booting. I’ve just completed a redesign of how it looks:

As you can see we have the facility to also install Lab machines with configurations that will use the LDAP and have hand picked and custom packages for the lab (this allows easy repair and setting up of lab machines as well).

There are still quirks and such, we can’t yet get it to install ubuntu restricted extras by default, although we have gotten skype, libdvdcss2 and java to install by default, but once sorted out these OEM machine installs will have all the updates, all the common desktop packages, anything extra we want to add including replacement gdm theme or extra docs / manuals and it’s must less hassle than a CD or USB boot media.

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You can check Network installation video from here

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  1. shakaran says:

    Nice! It look better.

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