New wave GNOME theme was updated to version 0.8.2

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It is time to give a modern and professional look to our desktop! The new theme makes more clever use of orange (not over-use it) and is mainly color-neutral. It is designed for Ubuntu in mind but can be used in other distros that may bear warm colors.

Installation: (requires pixbuf theme engine)

Very simple. Just double click the file newwave-(xxx).gtp where (xxx) is the version number e.g. 050. Note that if you have previous version of the theme in your home folder you need to remove it first. You may need to log out then log in to make all changes appear (e.g. handlers, lines). For more information on how to fix Firefox's menubar text and how to use the theme in root programs see the README file.


The package also contains:
-- New Wave Configurator (GUI),
-- Emerald themes,
-- Compiz-fusion settings,
-- Second theme with dark menus,
-- Firefox skin,
-- Some metacity tweaks.
-- Time applet tips.

Download New wave version 0.8.2 from here


Click on the Image for full View

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3 Responses

  1. Zach says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a screenshot on here that you guys haven’t messed up the aspect ratio.

  2. Brett Howard says:

    they didn’t mess up the aspect ratio… Your browser just isn’t wide enough… This looks a lot like the dust theme that has been out forever….. But yea this is the type of look that I usually like… Clean simple and dark.

  3. nogimpgone says:

    Looks very good and enjoyable.
    One thing, white text on black is not good for the eyes actually.

    Gnome and KDE should both (others too) present a default theme ( a few themes maybe?) that distributions are required to have available without changes.
    Note: I said available, that doesn’t mean they have to use it as a standard theme!

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