Phonik – A music player for big collections lovers

Phonik is a music player and cataloger.

* Plays local files
* A simple music library
* internet-radio
* Supports m3u, pls
* Several music dirs fort the Library
* exhaustive system tray icon usage
* Plays all formats that Phonon supports

Install Phonik in ubuntu

Download .deb file from here once you have .deb file install by double clicking on it or by using the following command from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i phonik-1.2.deb


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3 Responses

  1. isaaclw says:

    How does it compare to other programs?
    Why should I care about Phonik?

  2. crash123 says:

    Love this site, but please say upfront when a program is 32-bit only. I constantly try programs mentioned on this site, only to find out when I try to install them that they’re not 64-bit compatible.

  3. Oral Jelly says:

    Should have known this before just tried to install it on a 64 bit system it drove me Crazy. Does anyone know if there is coming an update so it can be installed on 64 bit?

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