Pianobar – Console client for the personalized web radio pandora

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pianobar is a console client for the personalized web radio pandora(http://www.pandora.com).

-- play and manage (create, add more music, delete, rename, ...) your stations
-- rate played songs and let pandora explain why they have been selected
-- show upcoming songs/song history
-- configure keybindings
-- last.fm scrobbling support (external application)
-- proxy support for listeners outside the USA

Install pianobar on ubuntu

Preparing your system

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install build-essential libao-dev libmad0-dev libfaad-dev

Now download pianobar source code from here

Extract the source file

tar xvf Promy*.tar.gz

cd Promy*

Compile the program


sudo make install

Now you can start the program and follow the prompts to log in.


Press "+" if you want to give the song a thumbs up.
Press "-" if you want to give the song a thumbs down.

Press "N" to skip the song.

Usefull commands

act_stationdelete = d -- Delete current station.

act_songexplain = e -- Explain why this song is played.

act_stationaddbygenre = g -- Add genre station provided by pandora.

act_history = h -- Show history.

act_songinfo = i -- Print information about currently played song/station.

act_addshared = j -- Add shared station by id. id is a very long integer without "sh" at the beginning.

act_songmove = m -- Move current song to another station

act_songnext = n -- Skip current song.

act_songpause = p -- Pause/Continue

act_quit = q -- Quit pianobar.

act_stationrename = r -- Rename currently played station.

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