PulseAudio Fixes & System-Wide Equalizer Support in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

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This guide is specially designed to fix certain issues present with Ubuntu Hardy's current implementation of PulseAudio and to enable equalized output.

Note:- This is having some packages installed from third party repositories so use at your own risk.

Developer Note

  • Before you start: Please read the following points to find out if you should use this guide.
  • This guide is intended only for Ubuntu 8.04. Although many steps work for the development release (Intrepid), there are kernel issues in the Intrepid release that I will not currently support in this thread.
  • If you are running Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu 8.04, this guide is not for you (as PulseAudio is not used for these distribution flavours).
  • If you cannot get sound working under any circumstances, then you are probably suffering from a kernel or ALSA bug -- this guide is probably not for you.
  • If you have a brand-new sound card that is not supported in ALSA, and/or you are using OSS v4 -- this guide is not for you.
  • If you notice a lot of stuttering sound on your system, especially since upgrading to the Hardy release, this guide is for you.
  • If you can get sound working in some applications but not others, or you find that audio mixing is broken, this guide is for you.

If you wish to have equalized sound system-wide, this guide is for you.

Procedure to follow

For 64bit/amd64 users only

Please see the following thread and install GetLibs.

When you have GetLibs installed, install the necessary libraries as follows

getlibs -p libnss3-1d

getlibs -p libnspr4-0d

getlibs -p libcurl3

getlibs -p libasound2-plugins

After installing getlibs you need to follow from step1

For 32bit/i386 users only

Remove the obsolete nspluginwrapper package:

sudo aptitude remove nspluginwrapper

Remove obsolete packages and configuration files:

sudo aptitude remove libflashsupport

sudo rm ~/.pulse/* ~/.asoundrc* /etc/asound.conf

Step1:- Procedure to follow

Ensure you have the necessary packages installed

sudo aptitude install padevchooser libao-pulse libasound2-plugins libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio

Add PPA to your sources.list

gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following lines to the end,save and exit

# PulseAudio Fixes
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/psyke83/ubuntu hardy main
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/psyke83/ubuntu hardy main

Update your repository lists, then upgrade your system (answer yes to install packages that cannot be validated)

sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude upgrade

Set PulseAudio as the default ALSA device and enable the correct driver for libao applications

asoundconf set-pulseaudio

echo "default_driver=pulse" >~/.libao

Now you need to Go to System/Preferences/Sound. Ensure all the "Sound Playback" entries are set to their default setting of "Autodetect", otherwise you may experience difficulties.

After logging out and back in, everything should work correctly! These packages will install PulseAudio complete with tweaks to reduce stuttering/CPU usage, and Flash 10 (release candidate). Finally, Flash & PulseAudio work correctly without crashes

Reference from here

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26 Responses

  1. pedro says:

    I know I should not mention closed source software here, but can someone confirm that this tutorial solves the Skype issues ?

  2. Jens says:

    Yes, this guide works with Skype (Ubuntu 8.04 / AMD64).
    You can switch to the “pulse” soundcard in the Skype preferences after taking the steps of this guide.

  3. Jens says:

    By the way, there’s a typo in this guide:
    Instead of “sudo aptitudeget upgrade” you shoud use either
    “sudo apt-get upgrade” or
    “sudo aptitude upgrade”.

  4. admin says:


    Thanks for your comment i have updated the article

  5. Ronan says:

    Great guide
    I had to do a “sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree” at the end to get Flash 10 RC

  6. jasidog says:

    Just a note of appreciation here. Cheers! Although it’s early days, I only just made the changes. This seems to have sorted out all my issues. Thanks you!

  7. Brian says:

    So gooooooooooood …. I’ve had my surround sound speakers put up to 64 on vol since pulse was saying ‘oh yeah’ it’s at full vol… now I’m at vol level 16 and it’s making my room shake 😀

    thanks a bunch !!!

  8. Sebastian says:

    First of all thanks, that finally solved my Flash problems
    but where do I find the System-wide equalizer

    why is it mentioned in the Headline, and then nowhere else?

  9. admin says:


    I will update System-wide equalizer very soon for this

  10. Pepe Gonzales says:

    Yea.. the equalizer, please! hehehe…

  11. Psypher246 says:


    So since I’ve made the changes sound is working great. I can listen to music with banshee, play a movie with totem and watch a video on youtube all at the same time and hear all the sounds at the same time. Noisy, yet it works :).

    Now some flash sites actually cause FF to crash and segfault. This seems to be due to performing the suggested:
    “sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree”
    I installed this because those sites that make FF crash don’t show the flash without it. the site only crashes a few seconds into rendering it.

    What the problem, how do i fix it?


  12. admin says:


    try to install the following package and check if it works or not


  13. admin says:


    If you still having flash problem try the following two commands

    sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree

    sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree

    The first command will remove the existing flash completely and second one will reinstall flash

  14. Psypher246 says:

    Nope sorry, none of those suggestions worked. Also tried the latest flash from the macromedia site, same thing. Any other ideas?

  15. LacyG says:

    Thank you very much! My problem with Ubuntu and FF3 started when I changed my sound settings as suggested in one of your previous post, which I followed because I did not have sound in my browser when I used another media player. My browser kept crashing anytime I wanted to watch a YT video or play flash games. But now everything is fine.

    Thanks again!

  16. fastcx says:

    it seems nspluginwrapper requires libgtk2.0 2.14.0 to install, which my hardy do not have, any idea how to get the lastest version into repo?

  17. Psypher246 says:

    I seem to have fixed the segfaulting Firefox by following this thread:

    There are a few more steps on there that they suggest for pulseaudio.


  18. Fionn says:

    I installed everything as said and flash does now say “Flash 10”. I also removed libflashsupport as you told. Unfortunately I do now have sound in flash OR in pulseaudio. Which means either flash or more or less everything else. How do I tell flash10 to use PA?

  19. andrew henry says:

    where is the system-wide equalizer?

  20. psyke83 says:

    Why did you copy my guide without attributing the source? Those instructions are subject to change, and my original thread is the best place for users to look for answers or support.


  21. admin says:


    We clearly mention the reference for the source at the end of the article from start.If you don’t want that please let us know we will change whatever you inform us.

  22. Psyke83 says:

    Thanks, I now see the link at the end. I did notice that the link was removed from the repository comment, though.

    I’ve no problem with this guide being reproduced here – the only problem is that these instructions are subject to change, so some steps may become obsolete or cause problems.

    P.S. Intrepid users: none of these steps are necessary. PulseAudio works out-of-the-box by default.

  23. Radeth says:

    Well I just installed Intrepid a few days ago. Everything was running fine (as someone else did I played a movie, listened to music and played youtube videos with all the sound working), but after a few days this doesn’t happen anymore and any sound output gets muted after the first one (I play a movie, then open rhythmbox and youtube and they’re muted) and I noticed pulseaudio doesn’t appear anymore on the process list, it simply doesn’t start when I turn on my pc. Should this guide solve my problem?

  24. Psyke83 says:

    Radeth & all,

    No, this guide will not solve any issues if you’re running Intrepid. I won’t be answering any further posts here, only in the original thread.

  25. Luis says:

    Hello there!
    Wonderful post, I think this is just what I was looking for.
    But please please, can you update to the part of the wide-system equalizer? 🙂

  26. I very much have concluded, you are proficient on this topic! I am establishing a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Give Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business enterprise.

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