Q4Wine – Utility for automation and simplification of work with WINE

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Q4Wine is a qt4 GUI for W.I.N.E. It will help you manage wine prefixes and installed applications.
q4wine  features

* Can export QT color theme into wine colors settings
* Embedded Wine AppDB browser
* Can easy work with different wine versions at same time
* Easy creating, deleting and managing prefixes (WINEPREFIX)
* Easy controlling for wine process
* Easy installer wizard for wine applications. (Not yet. Wait for v. 0.120)
* Autostart icons support
* Easy cd-image use
* FuseISO\Embedded FuseISO mount profiles
* You can extract icons from PE files (.exe .dll)
* Easy backup and restore for managed prefixes
* Winetriks support
* And more...

Install Q4Wine in ubuntu 10.10/10.04/9.10

Open the terminal and run the following commands

Add q4wine PPA using  add-apt-repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tehnick/tehnick

Updating the list of available packages:

sudo apt-get update

Installing q4wine:

sudo apt-get install q4wine


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