Simple Scan – A simple scanning application

This is Simple Scanning Utility for your ubuntu system.

This application available in ubuntu 10.04 repositories but if you want to install in ubuntu 9.10(karmic) follow this procedure

open terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robert-ancell/simple-scan

Update source list

sudo apt-get update

Install simple scan using the following command

sudo apt-get install simple-scan


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13 thoughts on “Simple Scan – A simple scanning application

  1. When Lucid is released in October how will that upgrade affect the current installation of Simple Scan? That is: will it cause Lucid’s install/upgrade to balk? Should I uninstall SS and the ppa/repository line? I don’t want Lucid adding two separate “software sources” for Simple Scan, thereby screwing up the Syn. Pkg. Mgr., et cetera.

  2. Will this app automatically “just work” with any scanner you have?

    What about a Samsung network laser printer / scanner?

    @Mark Preston. I always recommend doing a fresh install of any new version of the OS – no matter how stable people claim the “upgrade” utility is… Why risk it? Just backup your data and do a fresh clean install of 10.04

  3. This is the best intructions to install Simple Scan, I saw many pages and all of them can’t show so simple like this page. Thanks Very Much.

  4. Trying to make this work with LaserJet M1212nf and hplip. Starts to scan then ends with messge “error communicating with scanner”.

  5. Thanks it the guys like you that make ubuntu
    the system to have
    ubuntu rocks never will I see windows again
    Useing ubuntu for 6 years now got to love it

  6. I am experiancing “page creep” when using the ADF on HP 5590 scanner. Do you have any suggestions on correcting this?

  7. I cannot open documents scanned using simple scan using Adobe or any other PDF files reader

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