Sound menu mockup for ubuntu 10.10

This is Sound menu mockup for ubuntu 10.10

Source from here

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11 Responses

  1. JamesonLewis3rd says:

    Guessing at the volume with that lame slider is inefficient and annoying.

  2. Jason says:


    And a numerical representation of the slider is better? What do you want from a volume adjustment? lol

  3. Arkadi says:

    Looks nice to me…

  4. Sigmasanti says:

    Seems a little crowded, I still like the up-down version that it was before 10.04.

  5. Brett Howard says:

    Too much information. I’d rather have the rhythmbox information in its own icon or as a simple HUD. This menu should just be there for volume control and what not. I like the idea of having per application volume controls in this menu but it should be very clear that the master volume is separate from the per-application volumes.

    The menu probably shouldn’t show all applications by default. Perhaps a button or perhaps a check box/configuration that shows them by default.

    Also I’d like to have available to me a slider for all applications that could play audio rather than just one that are currently playing if possible with the way the current pulseAudio stack works.


  6. brian mullan says:

    I’d like to see better use of visual cues.

    For instance, in the middle picture, if the OS can ID that audio/sound as disabled (purposely or not) the little speaker Icon should change color and perhaps have a “stop” X type sign overlaid on it.

    And… add a help button for newbies which would describe things to check and “how” to check them.

    Sound has always been one topic that drives new linux users nuts until they either figure it out or give up but either way… design considerations for eliminating those problems go a long ways.

    Lastly, since everyone pretty much understands the symbols used on VCRs and DVD players. I’m not sure why on the last (right most) picture there is that big X.

    I know it probably symbolizes “stop” but if it wasn’t there people would most likely just click on the > button to go from “play” to “pause/stop”. I think the big X is more confusing than helpful.

  7. erik says:

    Brian, isnt the big X the album art?

  8. brian mullan says:

    not sure that’s why I said it was confusing if it was just artwork then … well it was a prototype’s picture. but if it was something to click on to pause/stop then my thought was to get rid of it.

  9. Marty says:

    That’s nice and all… But could we concentrate on getting the back-end working perfectly, before we try to put a high shine on the turd?

    Only half of the system sounds actually play, there are two to three different sound architectures dumped together in a confusing mass, Hardware support, especially for microphones, is spotty, and nothing is clear as to how to set anything up properly.

    Even if this is an up-stream issue, That’s why it’s open source. Fix it, and send the fix upstream! As pretty as all this is, I’d be more impressed if it actually works in production.

  10. Keyword: Mockup.

    It’s just that, when I go to play the live version of “Death Walks Behind You”, I would like to know that my volume is set to 90% and not 89% prior to clicking Play. Lining up the slider with the second “l” in “All” or, maybe, halfway between the second “o” in “todo” and the blaring speaker icon annoys me. I guess I could always line it up with the 1200th pixel on the x-axis.

    Before it’s over with, I’d be willing to bet that the “X” will go to red with 50% transparency over those infamous words, “Image Not Available.”

  11. abe says:

    No, Please NO!

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