Split – New theme from bisigi project (Installation instructions inside)

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We have already discussed Bisigi themes how to install in ubuntu 10.10 .

Split is both sophisticated and delicate. A new at Bisigi, the theme combines monochromatic schemes with grey’s contrast. Icons are modern and classic. The wallpaper follows the “natural” tendency and harmonically compliments the theme.

It includes:

* 1 Wallpaper
* 1 Gtk theme
* 1 Metacity theme
* 1 Metacity theme
* 1 Icons pack

Install Split theme in ubuntu

sudo apt-get install split-theme


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3 Responses

  1. Mike of England says:

    Unable to locate package split-theme

  2. Mike of England says:

    fixed thanx, have a grabby patty

  3. Hady says:

    how did you fix it?

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