Super Ubuntu 2008.11 – Ubuntu Based Linux including Your Favourite applications

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Super Ubuntu is just Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), but it also includes:

  • System and application updates: all updates released for Ubuntu + GIMP 2.6.3 + 3 + Firefox 3.0.4
  • Better Multimedia Support: MPlayer and VLC, DVD-playback, MP3 support and other multimedia codecs
  • Better Internet experience: aMSN, aMule, Adobe Flash player and Opera
  • Support for portable applications/other installation methods: Autopackage, SFS Technology, Smart Package Manager, Wine and Zero Install
  • Support for more technologies: Java RE, Microsoft Office 2007 file formats, others...
  • Graphical interfaces/managers: compizconfig-settings-manager (Compiz), Gufw (Uncomplicated firewall), ndisgtk (NDISwrapper) and padevchooser (PulseAudio)
  • Utilities: Adobe Reader, EnvyNG, Furius ISO Mount, GParted, NDISwrapper, Ubuntu Tweak and StartUp-Manager
  • Extra repositories

Applications Included

Adobe Reader 8.1.3
aMule 2.2.2
aMSN 0.97.2
Autopackage 1.2.5
Brasero 0.8.4
compizconfig-settings-manager (to configure the settings of Compiz and the desktop effects)
EnvyNG (command line version)
Firefox 3.0.4
Furius ISO Mount
GParted 0.3.8
GIMP 2.6.3
gufw (GUI for uncomplicated firewall) 0.20.6
MPlayer (media player)
NDISwrapper and ndisgtk 3
Opera 9.63
padevchooser (the graphical interface for PulseAudio)
RealPlayer 11
SFS Technology
Smart Package Manager 1.1.1
StartUp-Manager 1.9.11
Mozilla Thunderbird
ubuntu-restricted-extras (Java runtime environment, codecs, MP3 support, support for DVD-video, flash player...)
Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.4
VLC Media Player 0.9.4
Wine 1.1.10
Wine-Doors 0.1.2
Zero Install 0.3.7

Download Super Ubuntu from here

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17 Responses

  1. Tommy says:

    If you already have Ubuntu installed, and install these extra packages manually and/or add the required repos for up-to-date OpenOffice and other apps, is there a big difference between this distribution and Vanilla Ubuntu? Just curious if I should switch distros if I don’t mind doing things by terminal.

  2. Brett Howard\ says:

    No you shouldn’t change. Just stick with Ubuntu and customize it to your liking manually. You should also learn to love Vi! 😉

  3. Jim Walker says:

    I have the same question as Tommy. I am new to Ubuntu so I am trying out different configurations. I recently installed the KDE desktop and I use my Firefox iGoogle as a homepage. I am the technology director in a school system and we are thinking about using Ubuntu on the student machines so Super Ubuntu may be the way to go as a package.

  4. neothoron says:

    Could someone explain to me what a big advantage there is to this “distribution”, except that I don’t have to search for the additional packages myself?

    I really fail to see the point. :s

  5. Gonzo says:


    No, there is no advantage to this “distribution” unless you do not value the system integrity of Ubuntu. It’s the same with numerous Windows self-made configurations with integrated updates etc. You really don’t know if it is really stable. Better configure it yourself. Then you’ll be absolutely sure 🙂 It’s obvious.

  6. Xsoldier2000 says:

    I must disagree (@ Gonzo)

    I found this ‘distro’ when it was the 2008.10 release. With Vanilla Ubuntu I was having trouble with configuring Java to be able to use with firefox to access my work computer. (No, ssh is NOT and option to gain access to my work computer from home.) It worked out of the box. No enabling extra repositories. Didn’t have to uninstall the usual programs I don’t want/use from Vanilla Ubuntu and download and install the ones I do use. Using SuperUbuntu cut down on my post-install configurations by about 2 hrs. …and there is NO visible change from this compared to Ubuntu 8.10 other than a pretty ugly wallpaper. will be getting my donations.

  7. Ahmad Amr says:

    Can anyone here post the direct download link as I’m unable to access the above one because of a stupid proxy that identifies it as a Hacking web site 🙁

  8. This looks bloated at best. Why not just make a shell script to install all of this stuff?

    Jim: I’d recommend sticking with vanilla Ubuntu. Less likely to be screwed up; and honestly, do you really need to add support for mp3 playing and DVDs to your student’s computers? And then there’s the fact that the very reason Ubuntu disables these things are due to shady legality; while it would very likely hold up in court, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the one the school district points to when it gets caught by a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

  9. Bird says:

    Seems pidgin isn’t working for MSN. I removed aMSN because it isnt needed if you have Pidgin but MSN fails to receive my contact list. The strange thing is if I sign in with web MS and then try to connect with Pidgin it will disconnect Web MSN and tell me a connect attempt was made but I still cant download my contact list.

  10. bill says:

    Well I had to try it and so far its working quite well. One thing that I finally have working right is real player.


  11. Andrew says:


    I think there are workarounds to correct the pidgin issue. Try searching for a fix. In the meantime i think the pidgin group is working on the issue too.

  12. desmond says:

    This is perfect. Especially for ppl like me whore don’t exactly have access to the internet.

    if you don’t have the internet(at home) it can be a mission to install software on Linux.

    I love it. they should make a Super Ubuntu disk more often. This will make the switch to Linux more simple.

    I personally hate using the terminal!!!!!!!!(the terminal is not for human beings)

  13. Melissa de la Cruz says:

    Been using Ubuntu for six months – well worth the time investment. There are several themed versions of Ubuntu – for example Mint strives to excel for multi-media out of the box. Just do a good job searching, and feel free to download live CD’s so you can try without installing.

  14. Linuxbuzz says:

    I agree with Melissa,

    Linux Mint is a great distribution that is basicaly UBUNTu with all the pre-installed media support and web apps (flash, java etc).

    I’ve installed ubuntu on my desktop, and mint on my laptop. Mint ran right of the box with flash, mp3’s and dvd, video playback. As for ubuntu on my desktop, I needed to do some extra configurations and installs to get it to the same point…basically, spending more time.

    I like linux mint a lot, and usually tell new linux users to install it.

  15. me says:

    I am curious. Which is more mature or complete? Mint or Super?

  16. anonymous says:

    @ Me

    Mint does not have DVD out of the box like Linuxbuzz says, but Super does. But if you ask me, Linux Mint is a much easier distribution to use. It also has MP3 and WMA support out of the box. Super Ubuntu has a LOT of useful stuff though, so I recommend you try both and see which one you like more.

  17. todd says:

    anonymous is incorrect about mint. Mint and Super both have dvd support out of the box. Super does have better sound on my inspiron laptop(slightly louder for some reason)but mint plays dvds just fine, even running it from live usb like I do.

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