The Easy Guide To Computer Networks (Download Free PDF)

Included are step-by-step guides on how to set up different kinds of networks, how to use them to share internet, files and printers with others. Learn how to secure your connection and location, and how to access private networks.

To get the job right, you're expected to be up to terms with the technical network mumbo jumbo, although most everyday Joe's don't know their RDPs from their UTPs. In 33 illustrated pages, Stefan Neagu from familiarizes us with the networking knowhow, from Adapters to Zimbabwe-proxies. It's a great place to start off as a newbie, or to pick up as an already more advanced user.

This guide should suffice to transform you into an amateur network admin. On upcoming parties, you'll be able to brag about WPA2 security and Virtual Private Networks. But please, don't – before long, everyone will rely on you to solve their network problems. With this free guide you will also receive daily updates on new cool websites and programs in your email for free courtesy of MakeUseOf.

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