The Ubuntu App Showdown Contest

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Welcome to the second Ubuntu App Showdown, an open contest to develop new Ubuntu applications from startup to deployment in just six weeks! This time we’ll have a mobile theme, asking developers to write apps for Ubuntu on phones, the exciting new platform introduced earlier this year.

The contest will run from Wednesday August 7th to Sunday September 15th 2013. Contestants will build or port apps using the new Ubuntu SDK and we will choose three winners, each of which will receive:

  • A Nexus 4 phone, with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed, and your application pre-installed on your new phone.
  • An opportunity to work with the Ubuntu Design and Engineering team to get your app into the final Ubuntu Touch platform, so your app can become part of a platform delivered to millions of Ubuntu phone users around the world.

Last year’s contest was amazingly successful and this year promises to be even bigger.


For prizes this year, appropriately, we will be giving away phones! There will be three Nexus 4 phones up for grabs, and they will be running Ubuntu Touch. The phones will also have the winner’s app pre-installed.

The phones will be awarded in two categories: two for original apps and one for ported apps. These are broken down as:

  • Original apps: those that are created for Ubuntu Touch, without any existing code or implementation for other platforms. These must be started on or after the beginning of the App Showdown itself (7th August 2013). Existing libraries or borrowing existing code is permitted, as long as it doesn’t make up a significant portion of the app’s functionality.
  • Ported apps: those that already exist for another platform. These apps can re-use any amount of existing code or resources from those other platform implementations, but any work to port it to Ubuntu can only happen on or after the start of the App Showdown itself (7th August 2013).

Finally, the three winning apps will also be eligible for inclusion in the default Ubuntu Touch images, putting it in front of every user of Ubuntu on phones or tablets. Each winning developer (or team of developers) will be in contact with Canonical engineering and design managers to work out the process and requirements for inclusion, optimizing you for success to get your app in as part of the core system.

Check here for more details and rules for the contest from here

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