Tip:How to mount,unmount and format floppy disk in Ubuntu

This tutorial will explain how to mount and format floppy disks in Ubuntu
Mount Floppy disk in ubuntu

If you want to mount MS-DOS formatted floppy run the following commands from terminal

mkdir /mnt/floppy

sudo mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy


-t option tells the system to look for a msdos filesystem

The /dev/fd0 is your floppy drive ( This may be different for you check /dev folder to confirm)

/mnt/floppy is the point where you want to mount the device to

Unmount floppy disk

If you want to unmount floppy use the following command (This is very important after copying your data)

sudo umount /dev/fd0

Format floppy disk

Format your floppy drive with windows compatible disk

sudo mformat -f 1440 A:

The 1440 is the number of bytes, and the A: specifies the floppy drive.

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9 Responses

  1. KruyKaze says:

    What’s a floppy disk?

  2. joeYao says:

    I don’t have a floppy drive. Today, I don’t know what I can do with this. Maybe for bios flash.

  3. David says:

    I wouldn’t rely on a floppy to do a bios flash as they make them so cheap these days, not the quality that they use to be. Old tech anyway 😛

  4. nbensa says:

    sudo mount!!??

    what’s this?

    is ubuntu really that far behind? in kubuntu you just open dolphin and click on the floppy icon. No need to be root or use sudo.

  5. SkipF says:

    I removed my FDD when AOL stopped sending me floppy
    disks in the mail, every week.

  6. Wiley says:

    Doesn’t work: it tells me /dev/fd0 is not a valid block device

  7. Wiley says:

    sorry, forget my comment above, must’ve been christmas dinner acting up. Ofcourse there has to be a floppy in the drive to mount…

  8. user2011 says:

    As of 2011 floppy disks are no longer supported and the above listed suggestion of creating a directory and mounting /dev/fd0 will not work in Ubuntu Lucid.

    Unfortunately there are also no helpful or useful links that can be found when doing a Google search to solve this problem.

    This is a big problem because ASUS motherboards require a floppy disk to flash the BIOS. ASUS claims you can use a USB disk but that currently doesn’t work either.

    If you by some miracle do find a solution please post it in the Ubuntu Forums, or the Ubuntu Geek forums so that the solution can be found.


  9. Whaaaat? says:

    Above poster User2011 is a complete moron, this works perfectly in Lucid. I can access my floppy drive with no problems. Did you create a mount point prior to issuing the mount command? Do you have a floppy disk drive with a disk in it?

    uh.. Kubuntu is a version of Ubuntu and you too are a moron. For those of us that can use and understand the CLI in a terminal, a graphical GUI is not needed. Besides, when your spoon fed, you don’t learn the mechanics of the OS.

    hmmm last few BIOS’s that I flashed, I never entered the OS, so mounting a floppy drive in Ubuntu to flash the BIOS is totally unnecessary.

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