Ubun-student – Easy way to install commonly used professional softwares in Ubuntu

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As we all known, a lot of professional softwares do not provide Debian packages in their official sites. These softwares include TexLive 2008, NetBeans 6.7, Intel Compiler, BRL-CAD, Alice programming language and so on.  Sometimes the installation is complicated.

Recently, some students developed a GPL project named Ubun-student. It is designed for students. It provides the following functionality:

Ubun-student tries to simplify software installation process. It automatically download software packages, unpack them, start the installation process, and create shortcut icons after installation.


Ubun-student helps to search the fastest apt server. Many universities have set up Ubuntu apt mirrors. And students want to choose the fastest apt server from many candidates. By Ubun-student, students can type in server names and get server response time.


Ubun-student simplifies apt source configuration process. Many softwares are provided in launchpad. Google and other companies also provide softwares. To use these third party  repositories, one may have to edit apt source and import the gpg key. Ubun-student tries to simplify this process. It displays repository webpages, repository speed and repository content.


Ubun-student supports offline installation mode. Software packages can be cached into personal computer. If files are cached, Ubun-student will use them directly without downloading from the Internet.


By Ubun-student, you can easily install common used professional softwares.

How to install:
Open web page http://groups.google.com/group/ubun_student_user . Download "ubun-student-10.04.deb" and install it.

Install downloaded .deb package using the following command

sudo dpkg -i ubun-student-9.10.deb

An shortcut icon will appear in the "Application"->"System tool" menu.

Or download "ubun-student-10.04.tar.gz" and install it by "./configure ; make ; make install"

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2 Responses

  1. Technoslick says:

    Versions (by their numbers) appear to be tracking Ubuntu releases. Can I use this application on Hardy without polluting the libraries with upstream updates? Is there a 8.04 version of Ubun-Student?

  2. Homer says:

    … Versions are not tracking Ubuntu releases…

    Version 10.04 can be used in hardy, intrepid, jaunty and karmic. Functions are turned on/off depending on the Ubuntu version…

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