Ubuntu 10.04 Code Named Lucid Lynx

Attendees at Atlanta Linux Fest's breakout session Ubuntucon were among the first to hear straight from Mark Shuttleworth that the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu's next release --- version 10.04 --- will be named Lucid Lynx.

Check this video for Mark Shuttleworth announcement

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9 Responses

  1. KenBW2 says:

    Er, did Mark Shuttleworth just tell his dev’s to use some deoderant?!

  2. Jerad says:

    So I take it Mark didn’t plug his mic in all the way? I’m only getting right-channel audio…

  3. Beebop says:

    He was probably using Pulse Audio…

  4. Reuben says:

    I wonder why a new Ubuntu OS every 6 months. Download them again, burn them again, install them again, search for other related or necessary packages and softwares and drivers, figure out how to make best use of Wine, bang your head again because it’s either Pulseaudio or ALSA or something else that won’t work perfectly with the audio, search the entire galaxy of websites for a Linux driver for either your printer or scanner of something else, bang your PC again because you can’t just figure out how to burn an audio/mp3 DVD…And yet, we keep coming back to Ubuntu. Ha ha. Agreed! There’s something in Ubuntu (Linux) that Windoze just cannot deliver.

    So how about a service pack every once in 6 months and a new Ubuntu OS LTS every once in two years? That’ll save a lot of pain in the…..eyes.

  5. Jerad says:


    Why are you reinstalling Ubuntu every six months? Just upgrade. As easy as a service pack on Windows. (apt-get dist-upgrade)

  6. Reuben says:


    Did that once but I discovered it wasn’t smooth enough. Did a little bit of research and found out people suggesting a fresh installation rather than an upgrade. Plus it comes handy to have an installation CD/DVD. With a live CD you can rectify stuffs in case of breakdown, etc. Anyways, thanks for your suggestion.

  7. kishand says:

    i would like to know whether there are commands to erase all of my previous commands that i wrote on the ubuntu terminal.

  8. kishand says:

    @Jerad: thanks

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