Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid) Artwork (Proposed)

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Ubuntu Sun

As some people like dark themes and some people like bright themes, why not combine them into one set of matching themes with different shades? This is an idea for a Metacity theme that is based on the idea of having the sun shine into your windows. Could there be a better leitmotiv for the window design of a lucid release? The theme could be combined with any GTK theme if they are modified to have flat menu and tool bars.


The user can choose between three different moods of the theme, representing different positions of the sun and thus different levels of brightness: Dawn, Day and Dusk.




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26 Responses

  1. mrjack says:

    Hmm, Dusk (or Dust?) seems cool.

  2. Aeiluindae says:

    Cool idea, but the orange and blue in the day theme look strange together, and I still won’t use them unless there’s a night theme that is dark and blueish.

  3. I liked Day and Dusk a lot. Dawn is awkward.

  4. raamee says:

    looking nice, new concepts..!

  5. likemindead says:


    Too reminiscent of a Vi$ta Aero theme.

    I’ll stick to Xubuntu.


  6. Neojames says:

    It does remind me of windows too much. Personally I prefere the karmic ones, but to a new user they will feel more comforting.

  7. Yaron Shahrabani says:

    Reminds me of Win7 and since Win7 looks pretty good I can say the same thing about these designs

  8. Mohan says:

    Dusk and Day look cool, not too keen on the Dawn one.

  9. I think subjective taste is irrelevant. These will be appreaciated by some, hated by some, as usual. The important thing is that they look, IMHO, as a step forward in terms of look and feel.

    I think these themes will also be cool for new users, who will no longer feel the urge to find something better than the default theme.

    Congrats to the designers/developers, great work!

  10. Daniel de Souza Telles says:

    Oh this is terrific! What about a theme auto changer with fading and synchronized with real day time? That will be so fucking awesome!

  11. digi says:

    I like it. I often adjust my display, as at night it is too bright, and during the day too hard to see. I sometimes use the negative feature of compiz too. This could help. I just hope that the transition will be smooth and not distracting. I also hope that the transition between black and white letters will be readable. High contrast is important.

  12. L4Linux says:

    Really cool!! I’ll use the night theme I guess.

  13. S.S. says:

    I don’t like it. It looks like somebody played with Gradient tool in GIMP.

  14. mike says:

    Use all three of them. One for night time, one for morning, etc. Hook em to the real time 😉

  15. zenwalker says:

    Day seem to be a bit blunt and not attractive than night/dusk.

    Also auto change of this themese based on system time wud be good feature.

  16. Waldir says:

    I like all three a lot, specially Dusk. And I disagree that it resembles MS Windows. Keep up the good work!

  17. Phillip says:

    I concur with mike — make them dynamic, shifting with your time setting.

  18. Plippo says:

    Hi all,

    thanks for the encouraging comments (and also for the criticism). I’ve uploaded a new version that addresses some of the comments (especially that about Dawn looking too Windows-like). You find it on the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/UbuntuSun

    About changing the tone depending on time: Great idea, but I don’t think that this is possible. But what maybe would be possible is to select the initial theme depending on what time of day the user is installing Ubuntu…

    And just to make one thing clear: This is just a proposal – I’m no member of the Ubuntu Art team, just a regular user, so I really have no influence whether this or something like that will be the default theme or even on the CD

  19. Plippo says:

    Oh, and @ S.S.: It was made with Inkscape, not GIMP 🙂

  20. S.S. says:


    GIMP or Inkscape, it’s still ugly. Hehehehe :)))

    Too much colors for me…

  21. KB says:

    someone PLEASE tie this in to the system CLOCK. These themes need to rotate automatically through
    out the day

  22. Will says:

    I’m a big fan of the dusk and day. They should scrap the dawn one.

    I like the newer design look (like Mac and Windoze), while sticking true to the core Ubuntu fashion. Nice work guys. I love this stuff.

  23. Marin Ivanovski says:

    I like the idea, but a night theme is missing. I’d really like to see a moon (blueish dark) theme. Also the idea of KB to connect the themes rotation to system clock is cool.

  24. kaddy says:

    I applaud Canonical for changing the butt ugly brown theme, but these are not good

  25. khiang says:

    does it like “theme” on version 3.6 for windows? cool…

  26. Fernando says:

    Nice themes.
    I think that there is no problem to Ubuntu share some graphical appearance with Windows.
    People are free to choose which theme to use, as long as the use Linux. :-]

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