Ubuntu Pentest Edition – For penetration testing

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Ubuntu Pentest Edition is a gnome based linux designed as a complete system which can also be used for penetration testing. Ubuntu Pentest Edition has a big repository of software (Ubuntu repositories) and high customization possibilities. The system is made in a way that you can configure it to suite your needs.
With Ubuntu Pentest Edition comes around 300 tools for penetration testing and set of basic services which are needed in penetration testing. Also we are preparing a repository of pentest tools so your system will be up to date at all time.

Download Ubuntu Pentest Edition

Download ubuntu pentest edition from here

List of Tools in Ubuntu Pentest Edition

You can check list of tools installed in Ubuntu Pentest Edition from here


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7 Responses

  1. marco says:

    I’ll be sure to give it a spin, I,ve been using backtrack for a while (I’m training myself in the art od pentesting) but a change is always welcomed.

  2. Richard says:

    downloaded it already…tried to burn in a dvd but NO SUCCESS tried to run in virtual workstation NO SUCCESS either…could somebody help…

  3. Robert says:

    @Marco & Rich,

    This does not work very well. I have tried this myself and it does not work. Stick with backtrak.

  4. netinfinity says:

    Hi everybody 🙂

    If you have any problems with the system you are most welcome to contact me. I wont say there is no problems but we are still in development and there are always problems when you develop something. Soon we are releasing the new system, with bugs fixed and new tools.



  5. Lasher says:

    any sources lst for us to add these tools to standard *lucid* repo?

  6. Newbie says:

    Hi Netinfinity. I have downloaded the Ubuntu-PE 2.03 and i am stuck at the login.. :o( What login should i use? Thanks for your help! :o))

  7. s1k4tr0 says:

    how can use ISO Ubuntu Pentest to boot on Grub Ver.2 via USB Flash…???

    This is my lines in grub.cfg for NodeZero (Ubuntu PE)

    menuentry “Node Zero 2010” {
    loopback loop /NodeZero.iso
    linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/NodeZero.iso splash —
    initrd (loop)/casper/initrd.lz

    Thank you so much…

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