Ubuntu Tip:How to open PDF,postscript files inside Firefox

If you want to open PDF files inside Firefox you need to install mozplugger.mozplugger allows you to seamlessly integrate external applications to view files downloaded from the web that Mozilla can not normally handle. The application is embedded within a Mozilla window as to act like and feel like a true plugin.

This allows you to view PDFs, Postscript files, animations and movies, amongst other file types all from within Mozilla (with supporting applications).

Install mozplugger in ubuntu

sudo apt-get install mozplugger

That's it from now on you should be able to view pdf,postscript files

Guys this tip was submitted one of our blog reader and the original source from here

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7 Responses

  1. slumbergod says:

    And if the tip doesn’t work, you can always fall back on the PDF Download addon which also works well:

  2. baldmancan says:

    I installed Wine and downloaded (pdf x -change viewer),let Wine handle it and now I have the ability to annotate PDF’s, and it is free. Works really well. My problem at the moment, is the ability to print them, something I am working on. I have some driver issues. But I thought other readers might benefit from this. It’s a good solution to the pdf problem using linux. I have read where others have had really good result with the paid Pro version. I just haven’t needed all those features.

  3. Batotoy says:

    this is working for me fine. thanks for the info.

  4. Fatih says:

    tnx, you can use adobe reader (9.1) to open PDF files inside firefox. for me that is the best option.. adobe reader is the best pdf reader ever.

  5. ANIRBAN GHOSH says:

    Thanks worked nicely.
    Using UBUNTU 10.04 and latest FIREFOX!

  6. francesco says:

    thanks it worked for me.
    ubuntu 10.4

  7. Deepak says:

    Thanks this is working
    for ubuntu 11.10

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