Ubuntu tweak 0.5.5 released with Purge PPA and installation instructions inside

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Ubuntu Tweak is an application to config Ubuntu easier for everyone.It provides many useful desktop and system options that the default desktop environment doesn't provide.
In this version, you can delete those PPA packages that might make your system unstable or that you simply don’t like by only a few clicks! Those barriers or worries that keep you from tasting the latest, coolest applications on PPA has been broken into pieces or dissolved!

Before introduce the Purge PPA, let’s see the overview of changes:

* Add support for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick
* File Type Manager supports edit multi-types in once, Thanks muzuiget!
* Add support for determining Lubuntu, Netbook Edition
* Add SVG support in GNOME Panel icon (LP: #593513)
* Add SVG support in Login Windows Logo settings
* Add Compress PDF script
* Add PPA Purge support in Cleaner

Bugs fixed:

* LP: #573441 change screen logo on login settings in 10.04
* LP: #583213 LCD brightness slider is working contrariwise
* LP: #587815 Stop enabling the Ubuntu Tweak PPA
* LP: #590013 Update manager in ubuntu tweak fail in Maverick Meerkat
* LP: #576625 Ubuntu Tweak, Desktop-settings error
* LP: #597498 sudo ubuntu-tweak-daemon: os.mkdir error
* LP: #596970 Ubuntu Tweak user files should be in $XDG_DATA_HOME instead
* of ~/.ubuntu-tweak
* LP: #581880 in lubuntu , ubuntu lts lxde dont work many functions
* LP: #585728 compiz module crash in ubuntu netbook edition
* LP: #585268 Changing .recently-used.xbel into a folder breaks VMware Player 3.1.0

Install Ubuntu tweak 0.5.5 in ubuntu 10.10/10.04/9.10

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak


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2 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    I just installed it from the website on top of the update that was installed via update-manager. The about button says it is Ubuntu Tweak still on the both versions. It does seem to have the new features though. looks like the about text was not changed.

  2. ari says:

    The same with me here, I checked it from terminal with ubuntu-tweak –version and I got 0.5.4.x but the funny thing was when i checked from synaptic it said my ubuntu-tweak already 0.5.5.

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