Ubuntu’s Design Team: Make It Look Good, Run Better

The design team's a group of fourteen people who comprise a mix of different disciplines: visual / graphics designers, interaction designers, and technical people. "The majority of us come from consultancies and agencies," Ivanka explained. "I was at a user experience consultancy called Flow Interactive, and I used to be a programmer, so I came into user-centered design. If I was thinking about what people were doing and how, I could help them accomplish that."

I was curious what kind of working relationship the design group had established with GNOME so far. (I focused on GNOME for now since the stock Ubuntu installation uses it, and therefore that's what most people have direct exposure to.)

"Part of my job is working out the answer to that myself. We're a fairly new team, and we've had to do some work trying to learn how to operate with the FOSS community. The Paper Cuts project [an ongoing project to identify trivially fixable bugs that otherwise annoy users -sy] was partly to get some small interaction problems fixed within Ubuntu, but also to understand how far we can push things. The team doesn't just cover Desktop, though; we have a little more freedom elsewhere in Netbook Remix.

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