Uninstaller for Adobe® AIR® 1.0.0

Uninstaller for Adobe AIR is an easy solution for uninstalling Adobe AIR applications. When installing an AIR application it is possible to first save the installation program file (. air). This file will then allow to install but also to uninstall the application, provided that the AIR engine is installed and functional. If you install an AIR application from its source without saving its installation program file, or if the AIR engine is not available, uninstalling an AIR application can be difficult on a GNU/Linux system because it requires the use of system commands via a shell. Thanks to Uninstaller for Adobe AIR it becomes very easy to uninstall an AIR application since it suffices to choose it from a list of installed applications and click on an Uninstall button. Uninstaller for Adobe AIR is a free software under GPL version 3 license, designed to compatible with the GNU/Linux Ubuntu distribution and with the GNOME and KDE window managers.

Uninstaller for Adobe® AIR® 1.0.0  in Ubuntu

First you need to download .deb packaged from here or using the following command

wget http://blogs.media-tips.com/bernard.opic/downloads/uninstaller-for-adobe-air_1.0.0_i386.deb

Install .deb package using the following command from your terminal or double click on this package

sudo dpkg -i uninstaller-for-adobe-air_1.0.0_i386.deb


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  1. armc says:

    i was always able to find the applications in the synaptic package manager for the most part.

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