VBoxManage Lite – A wrapper script around VirtualBox’s ‘VBoxManage’ command

VBoxManage Lite -- A wrapper script around VirtualBox's ‘VBoxManage' command
VBoxManage Lite is a wrapper script around VirtualBox's ‘VBoxManage' command, providing a more compact syntax for commonly used commands.

Supports these commands:
-- list
-- start, stop, halt, reset
-- status

To install, just download the script and place it in your ~/bin folder. Make sure ~/bin is in your $PATH.

Requires Python, and of course VirtualBox!

Download VboxManage Lite script from here

Once you downloded the script you need to give execute permissions

sudo chmod +x vbox

Run the script using the following command


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3 thoughts on “VBoxManage Lite – A wrapper script around VirtualBox’s ‘VBoxManage’ command

  1. wha… I just spent my weekend creating scripts around vbox and now I see this.. Ah well. I should post them online when I get the chance.. They are bash scripts

  2. The script worked for me so far. Followed your instructions and it worked. Thanks! Now I can learn a little python. My host machine is a Mini-Mac with Snow Leopard.

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